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In the way people think about it and who were the actual players are literally in this case so shaun harper who was a scholar on diversity in higher education at usc said that you know many of the schools in the power five were either officially or actively segregated for most of their histories and that has really tangible consequences for the way campus life looks and so these are conceived as white spaces their fan bases are white their alumni basis are white the cultural spaces are white and so black students will be players in football and basketball to be on the court in the field but they won't be in the stands so you're saying black people will be players what are those demographics look like so most of the players in the money sports and football and basketball at the power five schools are black so fifty six percent of the basketball players men's basketball players are black fifty five percent of the football players are black but two point four percent of the students at these schools or black men and so this is only two point four percent i know shocking to us too but this weird paradox that happens we were just talking about of course these numbers and he found that at the power five schools almost half of the black students in these two revenue generating sports are not graduating from college almost be you'd be better off actually being a black male student who was not on one of these teams and that's important because the and supporters of not paying these athletes often talk about that student athletes are more likely to graduate from college and that might be true for some for some students but it's not true for black male athletes so why what's what's keeping them from graduating we've talked to a bunch of people who talked about how hard being a student athlete is people are dedicating forty to fifty hours a week officially to athletes to go into practice to training and then after they're done all those things they have to go to class they have to still be students and you know they're often shuttered into classes that are maybe not the majors they want to be because those classes don't align with when they're football and basketball schedules are and so they're not graduating from college and part of that is because the.

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