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Could paul just giving the ambiance it's my god is it kane is it really kane and out walks the ominous figure of the big red machine he's taken a break from his political ambitions to save we think his buddy daniel bryan from the evil blood brothers which again this is the weirdest white family payoff ever because it's like cain finally gets a little vengeance on harborne rohan because i feel like he never really fully got it and now he does so gay pass three lynch coming play hopefully bring that up to but yes oh came walks to the ring he beats up harper and row and he sends them scurrying bryan bryan give the big run into ruin choke slam harper onto harbor biking and the two bryan brian kane and awkwardly sarah together now the last time these two met they did not meet on good term from a coup whom he was trying to kill him it was an awkward situation kate was not having a good day and well the to kind of have stared down nobody sure what's really going on but we're all hopeful and then it happens cain slowly opens his arms in a gesture of friendship to his friend his fellow anger buddy daniel bryan and brian unsure who would know moo moo in caves come on bring in in and the bryan leaps literally leaves into canes embrace and the to hug in the middle of the ring to the elation of the entire live crowd all of social media wrestling fans everywhere when you say leaves he attempted to leap eating get quite on the ground when he tried to leave in the canes on it was close it off but it was liars but was also okay so backstory last week or likes so does brian the partner is gonna brian party led to others the think of cane because it was like cain he's he's running for mayor on he's like who on the roster could work with him we think of cane because canes gone yeah it's like kane is cain is a one off he shows every once in a great while like he's out fully retired but he comes in when he wants to he'll work and then he'll leave again and so he's you know in terms of doing a fulltime schedule especially with his political ambitions he just really doesn't have the time that is busy making pierces and such so plus you know he has to practice running a city because hopefully he wins everybody knoxville vote for cain glenn jakup's that dude he's very nice man so that was what i was not a pay the doors medical other radio show but we do support glenn jacobson his campaign for mayor of knoxville showing former yes of this show anyway moving on that please humans was what you call leave it's the six year anniversary we can drop as many names as we want aren't totally doing that thrill show yeah i know you have i i'm very proud of you for it i'm just going to be less subtle in just be in your face about it we interviewed kane y'all come a big deal that was like the biggest thing we'd ever done to the point that point was when we interviewed came up until we got seth rollins we interviewed gain like we actually got kane on this show it was amazing movie on so cain dana brian hug the internet everybody's elated it appears that it is the return right now of team hell no however temporary it is i'm so god damn happy about this it was a pleasant surprise and note that extreme moves it will be for the wb smack n alive tied team tunnels the legend brother versus team hell no in a week that makes dr shelby so happy yeah just is a point of reference when bailey gets into to counseling everybody in their brother tweeted dr shelby because the do came on twitter was like does somebody need my hell he so follow me on twitter so cute i love him and i really hope they get him i really really do he i think he still follows wrestling like not fulltime but if he does follow it when his mentioned go pump up he hasn't yeah so let's hope dr shelby shows up on our tv's in the coming weeks but yeah other things did happen on smackdown james ellsworth took off his shirt for some ungodly reason please don't ever let him do that ever again no offense james but i just i don't need to be looking at that uneven tan because.

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