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Thirty forty three okay thought about that we'll do a few that that that that it's a it's a face bite but that's at one o'clock I am a thanks for the phone call out I am so tuned in to the temperature and it is so important to me and I'm so tuned into the temperature in in in our house this happened last night true story I'm in bed right had fallen asleep yet under the sheets and I'm Startin to get kind of like I'm warm my arm and I go okay their conditioning should be kicked out of the next thirty seconds sure enough it does I know exactly I will be so odd I will be watching TV and I will hear algo it's a little warm days you should be taking on any moment I am sure enough it does it's like it's like if I ever have to to per power you're useless stupas is it totally if I like if I ever hosted a party when it's below seventy five do you ever read time whether it's winter or summer if we had an issue because of that a couple times who had an issue with the air conditioning I can tell you yeah there's there's a there's a problem going to work on on you you're most useless member of the justice league what's your super power I can tell when it's not seventy four I am mold temperature boy seventy four no thank you now yeah I am optimal temperature boy not man because I'm barely a man but I have a couple temperature temperature boy yeah it's about a party trick that I used to have I used to have the but we talked about this before but you probably don't know Tom's guide for dogs cats Jim Thomas guides to Thomas guides were well before the internet they review.

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