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Steve. I was not speeding. I ran a red light. That's different worse. It's not good. It's not good. Was Dan blah, blue Jaguars fault. Was Meiring that vehicle is he went through the yellow light. And the next thing. I know I was not well and moving violations are a little bit more. You have to think while you're driving. It's also the parking stall most not fair. And didn't go that far. But it is a split-second decision. Sometimes so some sometimes you catch a little yellow. Yeah. Well, if you catch a little yellow and a little red it's yellow if you catch a red to Red Eye caught the red, by the way, producer L if the news click yesterday wgnradiOcom we ask you daily web poll question we want your answer to it yesterday. The news click question was first and foremost, here's what I say about bears kicker, Cody parkey, and we gave you four emotional options. If you will the one that got fifty percent of the votes was he didn't lose the game. The team did. In fact, only nine percent of you said Cody parkey lost the game for us. Thirty five percent said it was a tragic loss. But what a great season and six percent and probably including our own. Kevin Powell said, I'm sorry. I can't talk about this right now fifty percent said he did lose the game for us the team. Did we have a new news? Click question here, it is producer ELF. Are you ready? Yes, or no. She says, no, we'll pick up a couple of phone lines. Let's go to John on line three, John you're on WGN. Hi. Pardon me. Joe you're on WGN. Hi, joe. We're backwards here. Our saying John that maybe everybody seemed fine. But you can't afford to pay the fine. You can work it out with public service. Makes it better. I you the people who can't afford it. But I also wanted to say you staring at that car was distracted writing. I know that's that's the new drunk driving distracted driving. That's the worst kind of person. Isn't it? Exactly. Yeah. Well. A busted. Thank you for the call. Joe John on line one, you're on WGN. Hi, john. You're on the air. John. Good. Mad about a year ago, traveling from Hammond Indiana through Midlothian about four in the morning. Gonna meet a buddy to go to work doing fifty nine hundred thirty. Big-time rate. I get pulled over again pool overseas. I get pulled over the cop comes up to me. Takes my license. I give my stuff I figure I'm gonna tickets. He comes up to the car. He tells me to get out of the car. I said it wasn't going to work as a car. He puts his head towards your car, which I dealt James down your badge. I don't know. What's happening? Santos on going to jail. He says there's a long annoying now since two thousand eleven called aggravated speeding. Go to jail if you're over a certain amount of miles of the speed limit. Yeah. Over twenty six I think it was twenty six something like that. Yeah. He took me with local station. He was he took my mug shot. He took prints. I didn't go to jail because it cost me seven hundred fifty dollars to get my car back out. Four dollars court costs. Every new about that law and do you still speed? People. Do learn the lessons financially, but I don't know what you make. But boy that sounds like a lot of money to me, and that probably was real bite in your life. Wasn't it? Well. Fifty bucks an hour. It was a bite 'cause the biggest bite was home. My wife yelled at me. I'll care about the money. Getting reprimanded by ladies worse yet. Wait till your wife finds out that was the. The one we want to go home. I'm gonna get my feet. Thanks for the call. Imagine if the fine was even less than that wouldn't hurt even as much, you know, I mean, you don't learn your lesson unless hopefully the finances are hurting little bit. I think they should hurt a little bit. I think it should be. But, but it doesn't hurt a three three hundred dollar ticket doesn't hurt a person making one hundred thousand dollars as much as it does somebody making fifteen dollars an hour or somebody making five hundred thousand dollars, and then you have all of those car sharing the same space, but defines are the same for all of them. And I don't think they should be by the way about the last call the aggravated speeding or excessive speeding law. I didn't tell the previous caller Joe about this. But. John's law that salon Illinois because of this radio show. Thank you several years ago. I was in a neighborhood in a car was speeding by so fast. I said that should be attempted murder. If that guy who speeding through my neighborhood. I don't remember exactly what street. It was. I was living in the Grange park at the time. Matt Kubala who hosts the show here on weekends was my producer. And I said if if there had been a child or another car bicycle there's a number of instances, but sometimes we all speed. But if you're speeding so fast in a neighborhood, you could kill somebody. And you're just getting away with it because you're lucky if we catch you it's not a speeding ticket. It should be attempted murder. I think I told Lou Lang this and whoever the Representative was he said, I've got a point. He didn't think it should be attempted murder. But he said we'll have an excessive or aggravated speeding fine, and it will be greater and at the signing. Governor George Ryan sat in his office downtown Chicago, Andrea darlas went there to cover it for the radio station. Matt. Ball. And I were there at the signing. We all look thrilled George Ryan did not. I don't know why he just didn't seem to appreciate our company. Maybe heard my show. So that was signed into law because of what we talked about here on this radio station, which I thought was a great example of democracy. Right. It wasn't a real power play. By me. I'd like to think anybody could do that you call. Your Representative say I've got a point here they convince legislators it's just like I'm just a Bill from schoolhouse rock that happened. However, the last caller had to pay the price of that. Sorry about that Stanford WGN radio news. Oh, and by the way, before we get done with the show today. We'll visit with the university of Chicago researcher who was part of the people talking about that new plan planet they've discovered which may have water on it. And if they have water on it, then they've probably got a Starbucks will talk to her about that before the show is over. We'll also preview the president's speech tonight into the. WGN radio newsroom now with Steve Bertrand Sears is getting another reprieve from liquidation after its chairman and largest shareholder revised his bid to save the iconic brand. The retailer says it is accepted Eddie Lampert bid through an affiliate of ESL. Hedge fund that could keep four hundred twenty five stores open and save tens of thousands of workers their jobs, a Russian lawyer who became a focal point of the investigation into whether there was collusion between the Russians and President Trump's campaign has been criminally charged in an unrelated case, the Talia veselnitskaya was charged with obstruction of Justice in an indictment unsealed in New York. It's thought that she's already in Russia and Chicago police woman with a gun and a concealed carry permit shot and killed the teeny tried to Robert gunpoint point this morning in the Fernwood neighbourhood happened around five forty in the five hundred block of west two hundred and third. 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