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Station Co. Mo news coming up memorial to a fallen officer and charges against a suspect in her death. I'm Corwin Hike, It's all happening today. First ABC News at 6 30. Wasn't inviting. Then First lady Jill Biden heading to Surfside, Florida to meet with families and first responders at the site of the condo collapse. ABC is Victor Oh, kendo is there and says officials remain concerned about the structural integrity of the rest of the building. ABC NEWS Learning Police saying that search and rescue crews heard cracks in the Champlain towers south in the middle of the night, pausing operations reminder that the part of the building that is still standing is unstable. The death toll stands at 18 with more than 140 people still missing. Trump Organization chief Financial officer Alan Wisenberg, turning himself in to authorities in New York as a grand jury indictment against him, and the organization is expected to be unsealed this afternoon. The Labor Department reported that 364,000 Americans filed first time unemployment claims last week. That's another pandemic Low, Princess William and Harry honoring their late mother with a statue at Kensington Palace. This would have been Princess Diana's 60th birthday. I'm Sherry Preston ABC News Cuomo News 1000 FM 97 7 It is 6 31 right now, and we're happy to have you with us on this Thursday morning. It's cloudy, and it's a little cool right now. But we're expecting sunshine. Later, on temperature in Seattle is 63 degrees, along with Greg Herschel time manufacturer. Here are the top stories from the chemo 24 7 News Center. Restaurants and stores have reopened to full capacity again, and so has the state's fitness centers. When you're coming to the gym, it's so easy to take something so little like Jim closing down for a couple weeks and just pick up with it and run, you know. So now we have the motivation to come back and we don't have to wear masks, and it's just normal again. That's Neil Breslin, who returned to his gym in Vancouver yesterday. Most gyms have ended their mask and distancing requirements is to try to rebuild memberships that dropped off significantly during the pandemic. Seattle is planning to celebrate the states reopening with a series of Welcome back weeks. Downtown First is seen the Chinatown International District July 17th highlighting the food and culture of that neighborhood. July 24th. The celebration moves to Pioneer Square for an outdoor concert and the third event is at Westlake Park with a Halloween in July celebration to make up for the last Halloween of last year, as we appreciate this cooler weather here in western Washington east of the Cascades, it's a different story. Cuomo's Brian Calvert tells us. The heat was another major punch for some business owners. You remembered what happened around here this past Sunday and Monday, we wilted and businesses shuttered. Yesterday. It was well over 100 degrees in Spokane and inside Jason Ferrero's restaurant. It was 99 degrees. I wasn't ready to go back to normal yet, I guess so. He was forced to close on the first day of Washington's big reopening. So was shop owner Tom Ritchie, He tells Kxl y This really rough to add insult to injury. Tom is an ice cream shop owner. He would have had a line out the door yesterday. I'm not good, because there's a lot of income that you know. Be made today will be a few degrees cooler and things will return to the low nineties this weekend in eastern Washington. But there remain questions of exactly when will some businesses finally be able to return to somewhat normal? It's just a slight hiccup. You know, it's more.

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