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Like and Zach is just so funny. I just I just like I like looking at him watching them walk around because everything he does Shane beer and so. Father vie all the while the Steve, Steve and and his playing when he gets into that zone. I've never seen anybody get so my up about something. He just just goes and goes and goes, and it's it's beautiful at inveighs ING. Man, he's as as intense as again, it's how how was he on the road? Like, you know, everybody's heard the notorious stories about inveigh, but he was well behaved, was he was, he was great. Listen, you gotta knowing you gotta know. I mean, he's he's very professional actual. He's been great with. I've known him forever. He's all gem. I've never had a problem but mess around with like, say, this is what he needs when you supply that everything is good, and he's great. I'll tell everybody quick story when we were doing that metal show, you know, we had a guitar player later on in the shows that would just play shred up in the audience and just you segments in break that idea came from Inga because they when I booked him in the very first season, he showed up. He flew up from Florida in the full regalia never. It's never without and guitar and going. We don't have any ability to play on here goes play. So we rounded up this little amp. All right. And he puts the up and the audio guy for the TV show puts the Mike. I don't know positions it away from the app at what he felt was the proper distance for TV. Mike. Yeah. So we take, we take a break into the segment and the audio guy would keep coming out of the booth. And he kept readjusting the Mike and the hell keeps moving this. Mike, and I look in vain Ingram gives me. He's he's fiddling with the mic. Audio guy would put it one spot and when he wasn't looking, they would get up and move it. Sounds like, and then finally they confronted each other and the guys like, no, you don't understand. This is how it's Mike for TV and the and I thought it was gonna invade meltdown and I was kinda hoping for for a second actually and don't wanna see out them brother and he Inc credit. He takes a step back, takes a deep breath. He looks at me goes, it looks at the guy goes, okay, it doesn't. We need to do right. And I just looked at my go. Someone's been working with you buddy. Someone's reworking with you and he's going, it's all good. It's good. This is what we do, and I was like, wow, you know, he, like you said, total pro, but he. Yeah, he Laura. I think a lot of that. Perceived arrogance in the early days was a cultural thing too. Yeah. And of course, if you in English, you inning shared the distinction of both having been in contrast place Alcatraz and not an easy task. You compare notes on that at all. We chuckle about it one of the one of the best things about the generation x. tour the tour bus hanging house role in the same Bali. Yeah, yeah. Hanging out until four. Five in the morning, just telling stories. I mean, any inveighs got incredible stories about growing up Sweden and just or listening to music. We went through the seventies phase. We're listening to all this great seventies music and just, you know, I mean, it had its challenges in the beginning. Everybody had kinda get their sea legs together with each other. But then once everybody saw that, you know the the big picture of what we've been doing it just really bonded and scrape. That's what reality show right on that bus. You put a few go pros in the. Corner. The problem is everybody knows being recorded. They wouldn't be saying the same things. Probably you know, they'd be some editing going on, which would make not as fun, but you'd never get that passed a few of the guys. Yeah, I know, I'm sure. So you know for speaking English, you know, when talked to him for him, his introduction to guitar. And what made him pick up a guitar? He's told me many times is when he was growing up. He saw Hendrix burning guitar for you. Where was it for you? Was what was the Steve Vai moment that you said? I got to play that thing..

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