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All right welcome back. We've been talking about American Horror Story We have reached season. Three three the coven which came out in twenty thirteen. This season takes place in New Orleans. It follows a coven of witches. That descended descended from Salem as they fight for survival it also features some flashbacks to sixteen ninety two during the infamous Salem witch trials. The eighteen thirties thirties. One thousand nine hundred thousand nine hundred sixty nine hundred seventy s and nineteen ninety s This particular season has a lot of returning cast members. There's from the first two seasons and the most notable Additions to the cast would be a roberts. Kathy Bates Angela Angela Bassett and debris city bay. I absolutely loved this particular season. I thought the acting was great. Some of the characters in this particular season are so lovable and interesting. I just. I couldn't stop watching watching. I binged this series as quickly as I could basically swallowed it whole No regrets there by the way so that is something the highly recommend that you do. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before. But American horror story is available to binge on Netflix. So definitely signing Sinan and get to Watchin- okay. So the coven. It was so popular when it first started to Air Maybe because of the change in cast or the additions to the cast that it added five point five million viewers to the view list. That is amazing Also each individual episode of this particular season got really high ratings if you look on. IMDB you can check that out it. And I can understand why the ratings again great characters great acting but the environment that this particular the season takes place in is also very interesting and rife with real history once again. This season is playing off of some real life history mixed in with a whole lot of fiction I think one of the most notable real life characters is Madame delphine. Lulla re we who has played by Kathy Bates She was a prominent New Orleans socialite in the eighteen hundreds. She was discovered to have tortured and killed many of her slaves leaves in her chamber. Of Horrors Her house is still said to be haunted to this day I also believe it's a place that you can go to take get tour so if you're into that sort of thing there you go another notable character that was based on true life Would have to be Marie. Ludo Marie lavelle is played by Angela. Bassett in the show. She's an ancient voodoo queen of New Orleans in reality she was a revered woman in the city Back in the eighteen twenties and eighteen sixties She practiced black magic. Just like she did on the show But she was a hairdresser on the side I am. She was north known for being a nurse in a healer So really she garnered a lot of respect from her community the way that they integrate her character. You're into the show. I think is very clever and very well done overall. I found this story arc in this particular season to be really really fascinating. I highly recommend that you watch it and if you're going to binge through to the more current seasons you're definitely going to want to watch this one because there are some call back characters in the future which is great But I don't want to spoil any of that for you. So instead I'm going to smoothly transition onto season for freak show. This came out in two thousand fourteen. Now Freak show is is probably my third favorite of all of the season's overall The reason that I'm in love with this show. Is there something thing about the freak show and circus sort of atmosphere. That just gets all of my creepy API census tingling. It just reminds me of the original freak. Show movie in Black and white one US one of us absolutely fabulous creepy filmmaking but after all that was always the intention of you've the freak show or the sideshows in the circus was to grasp your creativity and draw you in with wonder an an off. Unfortunately the people who were on display were not always treated well they were taken advantage of but also unfortunately the way that a society was at the time it actually gave a lot of autonomy and control for some of those individuals in their lives that they would not have had in regular society. So I guess it's a mixed bag but overall having been a caregiver of developmentally disabled adults and having studied psychology. I am very very happy that our world does not function in quite the same way today but as far as a horror anthology series is concerned concerned. A freak show is a wonderful season of American horror story. This particular season is mainly set in nineteen fifty fifty two in juniper Florida telling the story of one of the last remaining freak shows in the United States in their struggle for survival There's again a lot of notable returning cast members. Some of our favorite characters come back. I'm including Kathy. Bates Angela. Bassett just Jessica laying playing and Sarah Paulson happens to be one of my favorites. That's on the show With some special guest stars Michael. Goal Chiklis Finn Withdraw Talk John Carroll Lynch and Ben Wolf my favorite returning cast member though has to be. Naomi Grossman returning as pepper Pepper one thing that I am particularly happy about from this season especially considering the sensitive nature of capturing people with disabilities is that many of the characters the character or has a disability in the actor shares that disability for instance legalist suzy shares. There has the same condition. Paul Ma Petite petite and meet are all characters that have that condition in real life. So that's I mean Kudos to them for that and while my a seasons favorite character pepper is not played by somebody who has that particular disorder she has based on a real life character and so is salty her husband in the show. They are inspired by the Solti surtees Known as the show shelties. They used the PIN head from the early nineteen hundred sideshow performer. And they have micro self Issey a neurodevelopment developmental L. at mental disorder that causes an unusually small brain and skull. He had the cognizance of a three year old and could only speak in single syllable words he. He was mostly known because of his part in the nineteen thirty two film freaks which I already mentioned. It's the the Black and white film where they chant one of us one of us. Absolutely great filmmaking I loved his character dirt in that movie and I love the way that pepper capture suspicion of that character in this show there are several other characters that parallel parallel real life influences. But the last one that I'm going to mention on this show today is twisty the clown who is clearly you call back to John Wayne. Casey creepy clown performer turned serial killer. So overall freak show is is a really fascinating. Look at behind the scenes in a freak show. There's a lot of psychology in there. I really enjoyed enjoyed this particular season. I think you will too so definitely take a binge I spent a lot of time talking about this one because it is one of my favorites We are going to go ahead and cut to a break when we come back. We're going to pick up with season. Five of American Horror Story Hotel how to find out what movies to go see checkout. GMC movie podcast. 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