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I prefer pope. Nobody okay I have a complaint about your name of names are supposed to be at M. BIG UATION as opposed to creating more ambiguity. So I'M GONNA stick with Pope. Nobody that I know exactly who I'm talking by Subvert Subvert Nomenclature apparently in Illinois they have come up with the grand idea of creating what we called confinement cells in prison. You know the whole Segregation so they decided. This'll be a good idea for it. Well solid days in segregation and it is a Kind of surreal experience. I perfer D. M. T. by a long shot. Yeah not much fun and oftentimes they will only give you say of religious book to read. I true true through which is one of the reasons. I became a pope. Because it occurred to me that as a church I'd be able to put in Copies of Atlas Atlas shrugged and the fountainhead. And have my members able to say. Oh well I wanNA religious book bring the Atlas Shrugged Something Man Economy and state so here from PROPUBLICA. The spaces have gentle names James. The reflection room the cool down room the calming room the quiet room but shut inside them in public schools across the state of Illinois children as young as five wail for their parents streaming anger and beg to be he led out. I'd like to just remind everybody why confinement exists. Now you know custody care and control. This is is all part of the prison system. But it came from quaker's in the late nineteenth century attempting to come up with if something that was more humane than the old dungeon system. That sort of was used up to that point and failed abysmally abysmally they really did. I mean spectacularly. The idea will quakers thereabouts sitting in silence and listening to God so they thought honey I wonder if we just locked people in rooms and demanded absolute silence from them whether they would get better under the answer. No no no what it did is drive them insane. In many cases that was abandoned but but modified not just by the quakers that point everybody liked it. Oh this is great. Let's lock people in little rooms. Not that much different than a dungeon but the the whole quietness introspection aspect. That's the quaker thing so I never noticed a lot of quietness or introspection. I remember a lot of people screaming a lot of people fighting. You know you know I mean. Look when you're dealing with prisoners you're dealing with people who are Presumably not doing very well in society. So you need some kind of system to deal with an idea it. I think that if we got rid of the drug war we'd probably have about twenty percent of the people in prison that we do today I would. I would tend to agree both. Because you know there's people are inert directly because of the drug war four and then you have the people who are in there because the drug were made them poor or because the drug war deprived them of a father Whole variety hi it? Yeah that I it would take a little time for to reach that eighty percent number. But it's it's some conjecture give me a decade and in the drug war now. Not Not saying there won't be some ramifications societally but we're talking about prison here so there you go going on with this about school school or you know as I like to call it middle class welfare babysitting day prison. I say that because it's middle class welfare because the middle class people have not yet figured out the middle class people like me. Most of whom have not figured out the bourgeoisie. I guess that's what we are. I don't know the only infringe have not figured out that. It is a terrible idea to turn your kids over to the government. I mean a terrible belie dea. He will yeah if you send your children to Caesar to be educated. Don't be surprised when they return as Romans indeed and they do over and over again now I get that we're all robbed and the former property tax to pay for these things but I mean eighteen. Eighty five percent of the kids in the country. Go to government school and well there you have. I mean the the government school had the kids for more than one hundred years. Now anything that we've got an America you can blame on that at. Yeah I mean. Yeah if you've got an issue with the millennials Zuma's guess who raised them the government. They had him for thirteen eighteen years. Well time they rose to them went to college to even though there weren't enough post college jobs for most of them and that's the doing doing the school system too so Illinois has the straight idea of locking kids in quiet rooms. I'M GONNA go on with the story from PROPUBLICA Republica. The students most of them with disabilities. Scratch the windows or tear at the padded walls. They throw their bodies against locked doors. They wet their pants. Some children's spend hours inside these rooms missing class time now for kid these hours I remember giving timeouts else to my son. He hasn't had one in years but I the rule was that I heard is one minute of time out for the age of the child and so I I think he was six the last time he got one and the reason he got it is because he was showing off his new bicycle to the men who were laying saying metal roofing on top of a shed. We have so if the metal roofing let's go it cleaves them in half like a guillotine right. He had been warned two times to get out of there and he really wanted to show off this bicycle and he felt like that was the best position to do it right there in the cleaning zone and so you know off we had to go for a little Time out to you know. Think about what was going on but punishments. They're relatively easy. Ed When you've got a kid who's normal not also easy. When the kid has disabilities these autistic kids can be very difficult to deal with however this is probably a bad that idea? It's certainly doesn't play well in the press as you will soon see because I'm going to go ahead and finish the story and I would have to say that a lot of these kids kids in the schools. I mean they're not going to grow up and get jobs. That's not going to happen with now. There are autistic. Kids who will grow up and get shunned get jobs. Don't don't get me wrong. It's a lung spectrum but a lot of them are not going to grow up and and and get jobs and in that case corralling them into these schools is just cruel right. I mean it's not a system that works. No I mean I get that there's a mandate for the public schools to take every kid that's a problem but another point we are look at. Is that that public school students. I don't say graduates because they don't all make it but public school students are far over represented in the prison system in the United States. meaning that if you send your kid to a private school or if you home school your kid or boarding school or whatever the other options are your kid is much less likely to end up in prison so we could I mean this is just a correlation not causation situation. But we could presume. The government school is not very good with this data. We can presume that the government schools not very good at keeping kids out of prison. Well do end ended up in prison at least prepared them for their future right now. Illinois is going one step further and showing them. What confinement cells are like? They're missing class time. I am and through it all adults stay outside the door writing down everything that happens so there in these little padded cells sells and people are peering in at them. What's the suicide rate for these adults? 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