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You know the number of riots and protests have been kept to a minimum i think the real question here is whether the riots that have happened over the lost the last week also all going to be put back in the books as so many have before we're seeing the riot police come out to try and do that but also the government tried to introduce measures that will calm popular discontent or whether it means that this going to be a new phase and the political calendar that is looking forward to possibly municipal elections in the next few months and then a parliamentary and presidential elections in 2019 skin to be overturned ten maxim crossborder intimation thank you you're listening to the clay blister monocle 24 ubs has over nine hundred investment analyst and from over one hundred different names in over nine hundred of the sharpest mowing the freshest thinkers in the world of finance today no one has mall no one knows small to find out how we can help you contact us yesterday let's head now to milan women's fashion week has just been taking place in monaco's fashion editor jamie waters is that jamie take the temperature of the menswear industry for us it's a very interesting time for them hence where industry at the moment of its differently in a state of flux and wave wearing allowed at the moment we've just plain in florence and basically it's a kind of time where each brand is working out what works best for them what former whether they want to be schori where they wanna presentation where they want us more stand at pc everyone's have workout where and when they schori so it's interesting because each of the different fashion which is changing so at the moment i think one of the big beneficiaries lawrence he's doing really well what truth standing out and i think one of the reasons is that through pc these essential trade show so kind of stands out from all the other fascinates has got something really different because you're going to stands from different brands you're not going to run shore's.

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