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What would your guest, I'm gonna get stand funk? Business. Buzi Collins, can you pause is that in is that a possibility? I mean, we've been trying you've been trained. You didn't even bring me into it. Now, see every here's the here's a little peek behind the curtain. I mean, I know I know you're very busy like to do a lot of the booking on the show have been trying to get Buzi. And a lot of times. He gets busy. You know? He rolls his ankle trek to walk on his platform shoes. And so every time you hear Steve AG on the show. That's because Buzi Collins cancelled last minute. Oh, are there other funk legends that you're trying to book George Clinton? Oh, wow. Yeah. Charlie. Charlie Wilson from the gap. Sure. Yes. Absolutely. Wow. All of the Ohio players. Oh, every single every single once where we're going to need a bigger box like a remote place that they can be. Wow. Yeah. What about Gary Scheider? No. We have beef. Okay. Yeah. He knows what he did. Okay. I play Ryan. So isn't in my bath. After taking some of my perfectly legal in the state of Minnesota medicine. And I was having a pretty good time until I watched my cat, but dumb son of a bitch. Knock my toothbrush that was sitting on the counter perfectly swatted it into my open toilet. I realize I probably shouldn't have had Matola taking a bath. But the same time such perfect accuracy is only witnessed if you times in a man's life. So I thought it was pretty meant own he'd just knocked down some shampoo. Right. Cool. It's really good students to search still in his bath. Yoshi is calling us from the bath. I heard some. That's I think that's what like this guy was to it used too much medicine too, much time tap Hugh. you. It's over tapped. He had taken so much Ceuta fan that he had you know, he had recklessly left his toilet open while he was taking a bath. Which is the first thing they teach you when you go away to college. They're like, look you're going to be living with other people. We know that your parents did everything for you before what's important to know about being grownup is never have your toilet open while you were in the bath. Because who knows what could happen. Sure. Yeah. Gremlins probably do they come out of toilets to the new batch. You think of Guli Guli? Okay. Thank you, some say, it's why Trump got elected. Yeah. I've heard that. Yeah. I've heard that. It is it is very cute when a cat knocked something over. I mean, I might have like cat owner Stockholm syndrome, or I just think everything she does cute, but you've been infected by cryptosporidium. Yes. That's right. Her poop parasites have got my brain. And I'm loving it. What are some things of yours that your cat bug has knocked over. Oh, let's see. Let's so, you know, just stuff that sitting now she has a little she has a little pot full of cat grass and she likes to get up there need it. But also she also likes to knock it off the shelf, the grass me quits cat grass the grass that safe for them to eat. It's good for their digestion, it's a little hard to find house plants that you can have with cats just because everything will kill them, very limited. But there is this kind of special grass called cat grass. You can get the supermarket grows very fast. It's kinda you kinda get it short when you know, like it's mostly just seeds in dirt, you water it and over the course of a Cup. Days. It gets really long. And if you your apartment only has one natural light source like mine does kind of gross slanty toward the light source, which is very fun. Yeah. I mean, I would imagine probably the best thing is if you don't have Asser cash sure, you'll get a ride. Yeah. From a chill, dude. With a pickup in the bathtub in a bathtub Catan sticker on the tub. Okay. So fucking chill Minnesota chill and Minnesota..

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