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Wounded sheriff's investigator brandon. Dean confirmed the man who fired the shots. Off-duty fireman that also works at la county's station Number eighty one. The same location police believe the shooter went back to his home. Set it on fire and took his own life. An investigation continues into what may have led to that shooting. Grenell scott fox news. Police had jasper texas. Say investigating the discovery of the body of a young child found in a motel room. Police gerald home says he and others believe it's the body was six year old boy who had been reported missing in the houston area late last week and he says the person has been detained. President biden traveled to tulsa oklahoma today to meet with survivors on this one hundred anniversary of the tulsa race massacre where white killed hundreds of blacks and destroyed homes and businesses in the greenwood section of town known as black wall street. Too long history of what took place here was told in. Silence cloaked in darkness but just because history is silent. It doesn't mean that it did not take place. President also talked about programs he plans to implement to make it easier for people of color to get mortgages than small business loans. Democrat melanie stands. Berries won a special election to congress to fill a vacancy that had been held by interior secretary deb holland. America is listening to fox. News indeed is the job site that makes hiring as easy as one two three post screen and interview all and indeed get your quality shortlist of candidates whose resumes on indeed match. Your job description faster. Only pay for the candidates that meet must have qualifications. According to tally us indeed delivers four times. More hires than all other job sites combined. If you're hiring you need indeed. It started right now with a free. Seventy five dollars sponsor job credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash fox indeed dot com slash fox offer valid through june thirtieth terms and conditions apply florida becomes the latest and most populated state to enact a law mandating. Student athletes play on teams. According to gender at birth athletes born male must play only on male scholastic and collegiate sports teams in florida under a new law. Signed by governor. Ron discentives we think it's important that they're able to compete on a level playing field. You've seen what's happened. you don't have. The santa signed the bill at the trinity christian academy jacksonville. The law was supported by florida. Republicans opposed by democrats. Lgbt activist groups. Plan to sue calling it discriminatory in broward county florida. Eban brown fox news workers in tennessee have begun the process of removing the remains of confederate general nathan bedford forrest and moving the former slave traders body from memphis to museum hundreds of miles away for sold slaves in memphis and served in the confederate army of cavalry general in april eighteen. Sixty four. His troops attacked fort pillow in northwest tennessee and killed two hundred or three hundred union soldiers. Most of them black with the approval of forest relatives. The sons of confederate veterans is overseeing the move a judge approved late last year ending a long legal battle. Another grocery chain is offering vaccine incentive is one of the latest companies offering a covid vaccine incentive as it aims to help the biden administration inoculate seventy percent of americans with at least one dose by the fourth of july registration for the chains community. Immunity giveaway campaign opens this thursday meaning. 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Sports byline usa. And here's host ron and good to have you with us. For this hour of america's sports talk shows sports byline. This is going to be a very special our because we're going to talk about the negro leagues and some of the people associated with it through two authors. Who have written books about it. I'll tell you who they are and about their books in just a moment but be sure to check out our award winning website you'll see that sports byline dot com and we got a lot of neat things on their one of the things that we like about sports byline dot com is how interactive it is and if you don't have a chance to listen either sports byline or any of our other network programming. All you have to do is just go to the website at sports byline dot com and you can have them podcast. Which means if you can't catch my show. If you can't catch david meltzer and wrestling observer live or the video game review show with patrick morrow you can have them podcast downloaded to your ipod or do your computer and you'll be able to listen to them at your own convenience and we have a lot of other shows like sports business radio titillating sports pro bodybuilding. Real golf tee to green. So just about anything. You're looking for in sports. You'll be able to find a sports. Byline dot com and you can either listen to it. Live off the internet or as a podcast. And while you're there one of the things that we've done now for about ten years is that we have a fan poll question on the homepage and it gives me a chance to really see how you feel about some of the issues in sports and also to read your comments that you leave on the comment page on the air. Joe poznansky is gonna join us injustice second. The name of his book is the sole of baseball. A road trip through buck o'neil's america now buck o'neil. He passed away of course Recently but buck o'neil was one of the real icons of baseball. He's a man that grew up with the negro leagues and the author. Joe posinski spent a year on the road with the iconic negro leagues player and manager. Bucko neil the ninety four year olds a counters scores of fans and the vast repertoire of entertaining. Stories in this book recounts neal's baseball. Memories of legends like satchel page and willie mays and josh gibson and then right after that failed. Peppy will join us. He has a book out called few and chosen defining. Negro leagues greatness across the eras and pepi is the author of more than forty bucks. And this is the latest book in the ongoing series of few and chosen titles in the book. Looks at many of the great negro league players that crossed over to the major leagues like willie. Mays and hank. Aaron ernie banks larry doby and satchel page. It's a fascinating look at baseball. So good to have you with us. 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