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You just may It's nine minutes until four o'clock in four clock. Nine minutes until four o'clock. Look at the weather for the last time today, right now, still about 53 degrees. It's windy out. It's dry out. Please be careful. Thursday. 53 High 29 overnight and Sunny Friday. I've 45 degrees with 30% chances. No Saturday, partly sending 45 Sunday 80% chance of snow with five only 24 overnight down to seven degrees Sunday night Monday, which is the holiday we will be closed 20% chance of snow with a high of 30. And Tuesday 40% chance of snow with a high of 39 degrees, All right, the governor's press conferences winding up taking questions from the media. We will Not resume with the governor. If you have not heard the good news today announced by the governor, one is that Santa Fe County and a number of counties around New Mexico, including the Los Alamos and burly Oh County and Sandoval County and Los Alamos County, already said that in Santa Fe County or in the yellow Which means More capacity, opening up restaurants to in restaurant dining, a 25% of cetera, cetera. There are four counties in the green green is not 100% open. But it's on the way to that. That's good news. Also, the mandatory travel restrictions are off. If you travel.

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