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Like one of those cars you'd actually here. The putter Guga. Goes about fitting them to horsepower about twelve miles an hour. I honestly I can handle it. I could see myself one of those like real. It's like. It's like a like wagon wheel. Goggles and the little hat. Works. Burns. Yeah, exactly. No roof to it. It actually runs with a handle. Peddle it just like. Runs on the corner Oilers. Carriages. Tires are wagon wheels. So I wanna Studebaker my number four is I live in Los Angeles where traffic is they problem. It's a part of life here. And from what I know, there's only one car that can successfully navigate LA traffic and Benny the cab from Roger rabbit. That's good. That's not only will he talk to you about like the dodgers scorer but he can do the thing where he extends himself up in the air and can drive over other cars. It's only if you pull the lever, I'll pull that lever all the time. You got a bit of a cool Hong fan you want is with the real car. Was that. Was going to go with. I'll never forget. But now I just kind of want to hear what yours are because I still speak of LA traffic. My number three, which I get through LA traffic. Nobody's business Bigfoot. Okay..

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