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Eliminating ninety nine percent alerts just giving you the stuff you need it's an algorithm ick it ops platform now they call it a ups but the doesn't stand for artificial intelligence is stands for algorithms it ops and it will reduce your it alerts and tickets by up to ninety nine percent guaranteed it doesn't do that by keeping you out of the no it does it by giving you the alerts that matter mooks off a ops platform integrates with all your existing it tools so look who uses it i mean everybody uses this so you'll get all the all the information you need but they correlate events into actionable work items they call situations like okay we've got a situation and here's what you need to do they even have ways of you kind of recording a knowledge base of how you handle these and it gets and it's so it's getting better it's got a feedback loop all the time you focus on tackling the stuff that matters you know i'll give you a case study hcl technologies this they are a managed service provider global business they have a product called dry ice big award winner you've probably heard of it they include mook soft ai ops as the event management layer within the dry platform that way clients can streamline their operational flows reduce time in the life cycle of incident tech they call it the tech to correct that's the life cycle from detection to correction of incident tickets a and this is the big number here hcl experienced a thirty three percent reduction one third reduction in meantime to restore so they can support more customers with service quality and keep up racial costs low inefficiency high if you're a global it minutes service provider you get more alerts than anybody you need day i that's why they use it with soft a ops you can reduce your it alerts and your tickets by up to ninety nine percent right now go to look at coda moog soft dot com and get a demo m oh.

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