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You reached out to me to talk about it Tell me about what about this Movie touch you so then speaks to you. You're so yeah louis favor of mine. I don't know how many years now can't grow up watching it but i think probably in my late teens early twenties watched and i love. I mean there's so many aspects of It's a i love the theme of the value and the impact of the individual and like the be influenced that one person can have on the world on so many Storytelling just like so tight and lake. Everything becomes relevant at some point and granted. I was like jotting down notes as i watched realizing like. Oh thank these details It's just great characters great writing Great themes And i kept like being pressed by just specific scenes and different Plot threads out And yet as you said you see kind of device used. I feel like it's almost become a cliche and i know definitely seen it used to like different like the tv shows christmas specials and things like that and pretty sure like they're spoofing off of this. I think where i'm from. yeah Yeah i definitely want to get into those specifics to 'cause obviously i don't really want to blunt the booby from beginning to end. But i do want to talk about the new ones. Specifics of this movie Obviously utilizing those notes that you took. And i know i took when i watched recently and kind of looked at it again which was funny because you'd think a classic like this. I watch every year. i don't watch every year. i catch one of those movies that you are surfing. Sometimes you catch and you can't help but look on in and watch Last time i will. I watched it actually. The last night alexa straight through was three years ago. Right after i directed Of radio play version of it for the company of saugus which we talked about on our episode Inside the shepherd studios. And this i will say. This movie means a lot bore to me than i think i've let on in the past. It's a good story a great great performances great characters great heart warming but to me. If does hit a lot of really nice moments of the nice things. And i think in a.

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