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Earlier we were talking about crime and punishment in the frustration of it not in the valley in anchorage and my god i mean i have friends i was mentioning that i've had at least five friends facebook friends maybe not they're buddies buddies but five of the last summer that have had their vehicle stolen when i was younger i don't remember that ever happening in the people trying to figure it out there facing danger according to ktbs jovi hill it has happened to many of you we've been telling you about a lot of car thefts over the past few weeks many of those cars are then used and other crimes ktbs eleven scott and gross tells us what makes and models thieves like best and something simple you can do to prevent being the next victim scott joe well the key to preventing a lot of these car thieves car thefts could be right near ignition take your keys with you and also any belongings you have in the front those could prevent thieves from taking your vehicle lately it seems to becoming all too common thieves are becoming more brazen when it comes to car theft this is the scene from sunday april fifteenth a black chevy tahoe's taken from church parking lot in broad daylight the other day we hit a record we had fifty four posts of recovery's stolen cars stolen property in that area so it was it's been a little rough considering of the over fifty three thousand followers on scanner jobs facebook page they average ten to fifteen of those kinds of post daily for now in a cross hair between what's going on in the valley and ink ridge and it's you know the posts are coming in every day and we're getting so many more posts are from around the state it's not just here it's everywhere and it's getting really difficult there are view certain models thieves have their eyes on we're seeing a lot of the chevy silverado the chevy suburbans gmc products are the same in a lot of that has to do with there was the ignition.

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