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This coming year we're gonna send them to the to the federal government about three point five trillion dollars and they're going to spend four point five and of the three point five trillion dollars the first four hundred billion ghost towards the interest on the debt they've created that's sickening then just a few years that number is going to be over seven hundred billion and by the way at federal state local whatever the hell else with sending them over six trillion dollars in taxes they still tell us they need to raise the gas taxes for infrastructure they don't have enough money for this they don't have enough money for that and trump in a ryan and mcconnell raised spending they all nauseate the hell out of me yet they are up they are actually the ones asking mark zuckerberg about him and his spying on do you know what they've done with the nsa and the cia and the mo us's in the last ten years we only know what they want us to know as far as what they are looking at what they're seeing of us we don't know yet they're asking questions of zuckerberg but don't worry as long as the markets go higher everything's gonna be just eight remember that that's how it works we gave you tax clogs and we did we did that upa.

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