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It's not possible, is it? To do what? Resist. I think it's definitely possible to resist when you passed out. Not doing it here. Is he not when he's passed out now? Overall, the prosecution seemed to do an effective job of countering what's expected to be one of the defense's key witnesses. Yeah, well, you said that the defense attorney called six witnesses today. Who else was there, right? He also called she Wanda Hill. She is a friend of George Floyd's who was in the car with him when police showed up and arrested him. She was not happy to be on the stand. But she did testify that Floyd had fallen asleep in the driver's seat when police showed up. This was testimony. The defense is probably going to use to suggest that Floyd was overdosing as part of its broader argument that drugs were partly to blame for his death. But the same witness also testified that a few minutes earlier, Floyd had been cheerful, hugging people even doing a little dance inside of the Cup Foods convenience store. I understand that there was also testimony from another police officer from a couple. Actually. One of them was Peter Chang, a Minneapolis Parks police officer who responded on the day that Floyd died but didn't get involved in his arrest. He was brought in to bolster another argument the defense is trying to make, which is that part of the reason show Vin did not get off of George Boyd's Annie. Was because he felt threatened by the bystanders who are watching what was going on. So here's Nelson asking this officer a question. And as Mr Floyd and the officers were across the street, did you notice any changes in the area? Yeah, that's the there was the crown. And I guess the crowd was we call me more loud and aggressive. A lot of young cross the street did that cause you any concern concerned for the officer's 80 does. Other than this officer, l said there was also very limited testimony from an officer who arrested Floyd a year before he died. The defensive wanted to use this as evidence that Floyd had a tendency to resist arrest, but the judge didn't allow that. That is NPR's Adrian Florido in Minneapolis. Thank you, Adrian. Thanks, Sosa..

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