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And again, this seems like a nice thing to do at first right at least nice for the times, a pro possibly and probably not this could have in fact been pretty cruel act, sometimes slave owners would emancipate or free elderly slaves. So they just didn't have to provide for them in their senior years, which most plantation slave owners actually did do. But sometimes when when these these slaves were unable to keep working for them. They would quote unquote, free some poor destitute. Crippled senior leave them elderly often disabled without a penny to their name to somehow fend for themselves and their last year's pretty fucked up. I don't know if this is what Madam del fiend did. But it's worth pointing out on January twenty eighth eighteen twenty eight now forty year old Delfi Mary's again, her third and final husband the man who made her Madame Delphine Lowery was Dr Leonard Louis Nicolas lottery. Dr Louis is said in virtually all the sources to be significantly younger than Delfin. But none of the sources seem to know his actual age. I'm confident he's probably a lot older than thirteen though how we're going to be was flipped around. And he was thirteen that he described as a nondescript man with a hint of darkness about him. Dr Lori grew up in France, who's a mediocre medical student actually dental student who venture. Graduated from dental school in to loose after graduation, a of repaired immigrate to Louisiana, and at that time, which is so interesting to me dentists and doctors were interchangeable like you you could go to one school to become just the doctor of all things medical. I believe we learned that in the the doc Holliday suck. He left France on a boat called the fanny on December eight twenty four arrived in New Orleans February thirteenth eighteen twenty five. One month average, arrival Dr Lori sought to establish a medical practice New Orleans. He didn't started what some describe is a successful medical practice. Others ascribe as moderately successful. At the time. There was virtually zero regulation medicine, and it was as I said super common from a meta for medical professionals just to skip from field to field, which was cracks me up. You know, you could be a dentist and a surgeon same thing one document shows that Lowery build a man for making a potion to treat a six slave historical details like this, actually..

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