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Fifty one hour she walked out with kelly got okay yeah and also just like now you can't do that especially now would blow with uh with a model that you showed the question which was which was bought a way i'm i'm going to add leyla our series oh from kevin he'll because they don't hambro on flu now this is all hypothetical this is the hypothetical lander to repeal this is the brutal reality of truth the okay all hypothyroid i'm gonna keep is super duper real super duper real would the reaction you just saw something at that time limit at that time um because you know likes and not and regina daiwa we're also like home girl yeah like slec sisters and stuff was sister's like us stab cities that bonn as like a step sister of substance let your dad just made their mom yes so as it had to go down at woolly up but they obviously knows if you're not alone home family can really know about it he just mitch among i grow up to me was that a guy at night with juergens is that they thought hi not throw it out laura gatti uh but it was all a little bit man but um and they were like marrying they're like mary in tight ride it wasn't going to be like a half on on to say and no and i mean those who like you know respect you know yet that's how i saw them right i was like oh wow part of the for him i mean if that goes like me right out of hockey gilbert.

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