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I've written books honestly besides trying to quote impact people right for me. It's if i die. I won't take know what's in my head and my heart legacies legacy. It's like god forbid by. There's there's three books right now. That people got a pretty good feel for who i am. And that's gonna live pass my children and my grandkids. And you know it's gonna go generations so for me. That's one of the reasons i every time at you. As you know every author take so much pride in their work but one of the reasons why mike man if i die or when i die not if i'm gonna die someone everyone else but when i die i wanna make sure that like i. Empty the tank right. And i get that out there so kelly. How about yourself. Do you feel that people should write a book and and that everyone should write a book. Yeah i really do. I think everybody has their own story. Like greg's talking about great reasons like legacy to do it. There's also. I think that it goes back to the collaboration that you were talking about. I think we're all here to help and learn from each other and grow together and when you share your story we can learn from each other we can. We can take what you've learned and take it forward. And then and so on. And so on and i think that's how we get better. That's how our lives get better. That's other the world gets someone hates the right. the yeah. that's a big one right. They can't write. what if they can. So what other ways you write a book. Also you can right. It's not it's just that they haven't learned how to do it yet. So one of the things that i would encourage them to do is get a coach. Somebody coach you through the writing process because you probably can write. You can write you just. You don't know how to put it together if somebody doesn't have the time or they just aren't happy with their product they can always hire somebody to go straight for them. That's completely fine too right. Or what i was going to say. Is this if you don't like to write and you feel like you want to write a book potentially after you create an outline on the whiteboard. Is you audio it six. Because i know a lot of bestselling authors they audio it because they hate the right and they they put it on audio whether it be on or on a voice memos. And then they they have a transcribing and alison. You have eighty percent of the book. And i was like wait a second. Ken blanchard can audio book and then turns into a bestseller..

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