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I remember a year ago after the challenge when we were all exhausted in a handful of us went to dinner at a lovely italian restaurant live one of my personal heroes bob lawson of the canadian government we went to dinner with bob in we did a little betting wondering how many governments would actually signed this treaty and a year because the foreign ministry said will sign of it's even a handful we certainly didn't wanna see a handful but i thought maybe thirty six i mean think the highest number was maybe seventy five and here we have a hundred twenty five governments recognizing that the tide of history has changed recognizing that together we are a superpower it's a new definition of superpower it is not one with his everybody you were all part of a superpower the post cold war world is different it we have made a different and we should be proudly our superpower jody williams the 1997 nobel peace prize recipient speaking at the signing of the ottawa treaty to ban the use of antipersonnel landmines worldwide twenty years later one hundred sixty two countries have signed this agreement among the countries that have refused to sign russia china india and the us the mm mm a little while ago we told you the littleknown story of the first and while the only cat to ever go to space felli sat who also went by the name astro cat although she likely respond at responded rather to neither fully set was blasted two hundred kilometers above earth for french space mission in 1963 and she returned to earth after thirteen minutes and then sadly that heroic cat was euthanized so scientists could study her brain unlike the chimpanzees and the dogs that went to space felli set has no memorial well not bothered matthew surge guy and so he decided to begin a crowdfunding campaign to build a statue of the noble cat in paris well after hearing that interview emily motte was inspired ms modest grade five teacher at christ the king elementary school in white horse.

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