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He's also asking for aid for thousands of Afghan evacuees have been arriving in the US The White House is asking Congress for at least $24 billion in extra aid to help communities recover from natural disasters. Including the California wildfires and Hurricane Ida. President Biden is seeking an additional $6.4 billion to assist with resettling Afghans in the United States. The U. S and Allies evacuated about 124,000 people last month from Kabul. The Biden administration estimates that 65,000 vulnerable Afghans will have arrived in the United States by the end of the month. With an additional 30,000 arriving over the next year. The White House is asking that the money be added to a short term government funding package there needs to be passed by the end of the month. Franco or Dona US NPR news President Biden is also scheduled to give a major speech tomorrow about fighting Covid 19. The White House says he will lay out at six point strategy. And is expected to discuss how the pandemic can be battled in the public and private sectors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 75% of adults in the U. S have gotten at least one covid vaccination. But the number of coronavirus infections continues to climb. Hospitals are facing swelling numbers of patients in northern Idaho, The state has activated guidelines that let a handful of hospitals ration their carer. Eight. Heggie of the Mountain West News Bureau, says this is to deal with a surge in Covid patients. This declaration is for 10 hospitals and mostly rural North Idaho, and officials here say they don't know how long it's going to have to last. And this isn't just bad news for unvaccinated people. It also means everyone else needs to take extra precautions to not wind up in a hospital. Hospitals are already having to transform hallways, classrooms and conference rooms into Covid wards. Nate Heggie reporting Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional to punish abortion as a crime from member station K. Jay Z. Kendall bless reports from em. Maceio lovely as soon Yes, Medidas Chief Justice Arturo's Andy Barr said the ruling is consistent with the court's position for more than a decade that abortion is a fundamental right and that pregnant people must be guaranteed access to the procedure. The ruling came in response to a law in the northern state of Coahuila that punishes abortion at any stage of pregnancy with up to three years in prison. In Mexico. Abortion is legal in four out of 32 states. While the ruling won't immediately make the procedure widely available across Mexico, it could lead to the release of those jailed for having an abortion. For NPR news. I'm Kendall Blessed in, um ocio, Mexico. Officials in Mexico say a powerful earthquake struck last night near the western city of Acapulco. They say its magnitude was 71 person was killed and there's damage reported This is NPR news Live from news 88 7 in Houston. I'm Matt Harrop County Health officials say they expect to see a spike in Covid 19 cases stemming from this Labor Day weekend in as little as five days. Jennifer Tiger directs the Covid 19 division of Harris County Public Health, she says the best way to avoid more covid infections continues to be fully vaccinated and receiving the booster shot when it becomes available, were preparing for administering that third dose once it is approved. Around September, 20th Tiger says Right now, nearly all current cases in Harris County are from the Delta variant..

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