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And coach Peterson's job security with the Eagles was AH hot topic at his press conference yesterday afternoon. K Y W is Dave. You were in here, Joining us to discuss this, Dave A. Peterson was pretty confident that he's going to come back. He sounded that way, Carol, even though ultimately, it'll be up to CEO Jeffrey Lurie. Whether that happens, Doug Peterson believes that he knows how to fix this team. He points toe work That's done in the off season that they weren't able to do this year because of the pandemic back to the fundamentals. Get back to the basics. Get back toe kind of who we are starting our identity in the off season, and that's that's where you build the foundation. Peterson also mentioned how injuries are a reason that they've regressed since winning the Super Bowl while you guys then one of the most injured teams the last three years Football's a rough sport man as far as whether Peterson would like more input in personnel, In addition to coaching, like being on the football side of things as a former football player, and obviously now a coach, that's that's where my passion lies. And But yet I want to be part of the solution. I wanna help evaluate and help bring guys in here that could help US win. Carol Peterson apologize to the fans for this season, which ends Sunday night. That was a painful one. All right, Thank you, Dave. It's 5. 50 still got that accident investigation on 309. We'll check in with Sam in just a minute. And now the sports injury updates sponsored by Martin Law, the law firm for injured workers for over 40 years, six years listed Joelle indeed as probable for tonight's game against the Raptors. Indeed, Miss Sunday's loss with back tightness for Concorde, Thomas is out with the left abductor strain. A team official announced that Cork Masal be reevaluated in about two weeks..

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