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Never Skip Brunch DOT COM but I basically just changed out our bedding in. I changed out our dresser. which is not even something that you have to do if you like your dresser dresser but even just seeing how the before and after of the betting makes the space looks so much? Better hopefully. That'll be some good inspiration for you. So go check that out on the blog and then the final kind of word of advice inspiration Tip that I have that I wanNA leave you with is to focus focus on making memories. So I'm going to get a little personal here but today would have been my dad's sixty second birthday. We lost him about five years ago to cancer which was around my senior year of college and I was just kind of reflecting today and I started thinking about how obviously the holidays can be such a tough time in terms of missing those that we've lost and also thinking about like some ways that we can use a US our homes to make space for remembering them And this is one of those ways that decor and home design go so much much deeper than just making things look great especially when it comes to the holidays I feel like decor helps create meaningful memories as we gather other and we connect Whether it's memories of like the train that went around your Christmas tree as a kid or certain family traditions like in my family. We do the Christmas pickle which is like a pickle ornament that gets hidden in the tree and the kids look for it in hover finds it gets a prize or whether it's decor elements that are the tradition of their own like a classic tree topper or a Christmas village. Or just any kind of decor element. That you pullout in. It's like a tradition or family heirloom When you decorate your house for Christmas maybe you're just finalizing some finishing touches at at this point or maybe you're super behind me and you only have like two areas of decorated but think about how the decor elements can help create create memories and facilitate connection between people among family and friends like that might mean the decor literally becomes part of tradition tradition and it becomes something that memories are made of or it might be more subtle where your decor is just setting certain tone for your space and then that Aktan translates into how people come together like how people are having conversations and spending time together is absolutely influenced by where where they are in the environment that they're in so decor can literally impact things on a much deeper level versus just like? Oh that's cute that it looks good like it can set the tone for deeper connection or more memorable holidays. And I don't mean to like over. Sensationalized is to court as something that can transform your holiday season. Like fix your family rifts. But there's significance to it and I think only when we dive deeper into what it means. Can we create homes. We truly love that are deeper than those pin were the info images or trends that were loving so those are just some thoughts that I wanna leave.

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