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Direct from Moscow Russia. Two hundred forty one pounds. The Great Milenko Direct from Babcock Home Furnishing Sarah thirty seven and a HALF POUNDS. The Break Mattress. Absolutely against the mattress. Michael all airplanes and it was amazing because back then nobody did any TV. Nobody did anything outside of the recipe. Because it was kind of a first foray into guys you know my dad being one of them who did something outside the wrestling business even though it was just a TV commercial it ran. My Dad was a great businessman because he I think he may five hundred bucks for that thing in the last about ten years so bad that got the mattress company made a lot of money or Solana matches. My Dad who made five hundred bucks for a commercial and ran for ten years going forward over the next couple of weeks with all the different wrestlemainia activities and Najib's Wrestlemainia but some of the other wrestling activities. Are you taking party? You looking forward to seeing old friends. Maybe meeting fans here in the Tampa area. Who Remember Your Dad? Remember you as a wrestler there are. There are people that are going to be in the area that run into too often a good friend of mine's coming coming up from Miami. We used to wrestle together back for Global Wrestling Alliance which was an organization here in the states. Kind of here in Florida. That went against championship pressing. Florida at one point. That's right. Enjoy seeing that I. I like reliving things but the you're the business. Today's a different business and I'm not I'm not upon it I frankly don't know who most of the town is. I know some guys. I don't know most of the town I really don't follow the product anymore. I don't watch it on TV. It's not because I think terrible of it or anything like that is just you know everybody has a taste and that's not my taste. The older crowd that lives here in Tampa we get together on a regular basis. We talk about the old times and and the way things used to being in the you know the good in you know we discuss some of what's going on today so I'm part of that all the time. I don't need much more of that. Resume Down doesn't bring more to me. It creates opportunities for the area. I mean they're they're a bunch of people will jump on the bandwagon a Wrestlemainia and have side events. You know a bunch of events. It'll create some big buzz around this town for a few days. But you know I'm I'm not part of it. I don't care to necessarily be part of it and I'll be wrestlemainia but I'll be sitting in the seats somewhere which will be the first time for me. That I've ever sat and watched really sat and watched him. And not the first time but kind of and from those days of the armory and sport a tory him to the fact that they're going to put sixty something thousand people in Raymond James Stadium. Did you ever think you'd see that was on that day? I mean that that they came. That came that day came decades ago. We what we what people and I was just having this discussion today. Where people don't understand was that there were wrestling events back when that had amazing when when Hacker Schmidt I fought Frank Gotch I think it was seventy eight thousand people in the stadium at the time. It was one of the biggest sporting events of all time when you know when my dad fought Wa who mcdaniels in Houston at the astrodome. It was one of the one of the biggest crowds at the astrodome. I mean these things. What's they always say? It was old is new right well. What's old is new. But it was old. These things have happened before somebody says. Are you said that? Your Dad didn't see the time that is now and how wrestling is as pervasive as or as big as it is. Well he did. He did see it as big as it is now. He just wanted to different light. He didn't see with all the all the social media attachment and all the all the other things that surrounded it but he saw it and he saw it firsthand and I was there to witness him sitting in I. I enjoyed it one of the things that things that I was thinking about the other day was I witnessed a pastor actually talking about the fact that the Old Testament is the the book of Begat Right. There's this person this person that's beget that person. Florida is the GATT state of wrestling. You know from Florida everything even though it was one of many territories and there are other great territories in great workers in these territories. Florida was real hotbed. That started a lot of the movement of professional wrestling. Which today so what I see isn't any different than what I saw before and actually had a much better flavor back then because it was more it was more genuine was more real. There was nothing. There were scripted. They're you know these guys and these guys went out into arenas didn't have air conditioning. And people people sat around there was a believability that doesn't exist today there was. I do have to say that the Atlantis. The athleticism nowadays through the roof. I mean there are guys do double backflips with a with a corkscrew. Twist before they land on somebody. I wouldn't have. I wouldn't have attempted one back. That's never mind the double in the corkscrew thing. Mugabe's come myself. It was a different era but it was the same. I mean you know the crowds. The crowds in these places used to rock. There was never a crowd any louder or any more genuinely transported to a different place than a crowd that was sitting in Fort Homer Arm around a Tuesday night where you can hear yourself thank. You couldn't breathe. It was so hot people were smoking. I mean there were. There was a day were segregated magic magic magic times and you ask anybody in the city. Who's in their fifties sixties seventies who remember those and they'll tell you there's there's there's you don't see that I mean you don't see that with the biggest of the big venues here. With what seventy eighty ninety thousand people in it you just it was. It was more magical than that was Jodi. Simon also known as Joe Milenko retired pro wrestler and son of the legendary Boris Milenko..

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