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Dollars Brian Calvert as the update claiming catastrophic cuts in massive transportation issues Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan isn't the only one who's challenging the legality of the thirty dollar card tab law just passed by voters of stock to leaders in towns all across the state who's going with us and saying this is the wrong direction fuse joined a lawsuit filed by king county so has the port of Seattle the association of Washington cities the state transit association and now the Garfield county transit authority where they claim thirty dollar card tabs will cut bus service in half by nine seven six sponsor Tim Eyman has said over and over people are very mixed that politicians seem to think that they know better than us and points to three billion plus surplus in state coffers that could help bridge the gap by nine seven six technically takes effect in early December unless the court issues an injunction because of the lawsuit Brian Calvert como neos learned that ten operating rooms at Seattle children's hospital will be closed until January we told you yesterday that the operating rooms were shut down after a potentially deadly mold was found for the second time this year hospitals now installing new air filtration systems in each of the rooms to keep the mould from coming back all those operating rooms are close surgeries will continue in the three rooms that already have new filtration systems others will be postponed or move to other local hospitals keep following this story as we learn more companies time is six forty from the Harley exterior sports desk all right now in F. L. Thursday night football second quarter Browns lead the Steelers fourteen to nothing comes bill Schwartz says the Seahawks are using the bye week to fix a glaring problem fumbles first was running back Chris Carson that rookie receiver DJ Metcalf put the ball on the ground in a hawks overtime win at San Francisco Seattle head coach Pete Carroll's mantra it is all about the ball to work in you know and so we have to work better with to work more efficiently we've got to drill it better we've got to do a better job on defense of during the week of attack in football and we have been subject to some extraordinarily accurate punches Seattle's next game is Sunday November twenty fourth at Philadelphia university of Washington softball coach other tar named an assistant coach for the United States team considered a favorite in the twenty twenty Tokyo Olympics Memphis Tigers basketball star future NBA drafter James Weissman drops his lawsuit against the NC double a so now he's in eligible and wait for an appeal Memphis head coach penny Hardaway paid eleven thousand dollars for Weisman's family to move to Memphis sports at ten forty after the hour bill Schwartz on our home of the Huskies come owners check out the names of your list this holiday don't forget about getting a little something for yourself and buy a little something talking about something really big that's where Best.

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