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Trask from H. P. two promotions here in the valley hear what he had to say we have been talking about closures the NBA at least thirty days NHL says we're pausing our season all the major college conferences canceling their championship tournaments we now know March madness has been canceled Bob spring training has been canceled which is going to hit a lot of businesses we talk about the immediate fallout concessions ticket sales but all of this will be how far down the road hotel kilo cancellations of restaurants not as full something Arizona relies on I also talked about small businesses and how they are affected with businesses that feed these industries they make their living off of tourism off of convention business off of things like that and and that to me is one of the issues that is the biggest right now Paul trash joins me he is with H. P. two promotions runs their print shop I had a conversation with Paul we're friends and you were telling me Paul that this is started acting your business now that there's a lot of events that are putting their orders on hold for promotional items your character that is exactly what happened so how many people are in your shop specifically all right our shop we have six employed six employees but overall the company was dead overall twenty eight employees and and all with our corporation so your company small business here you got about just under thirty employees and right now people are wondering because you had a number of those orders T. shirts promotional items were either they're canceling orders are telling you hang on we're not sure if our events even gonna happen yes that is correct we are haven't been orders that what can actually happen our production schedule is on hold at the time this is where I'm sure if the events are going to happen what does this do there's got to be some employees are nervous about layoffs or work stoppages that already a concern for you guys I haven't gotten that far down the line yet but we are definitely looking at that the options got to be prepared for what what is to come when you are having conversations with the with the your employees but also with your bosses do they have a plan in place yet what are they going to do moving forward there's a lot of things you're doing and we know that there's a lot that happens with these corporations how do you handle if there's a bigger slowdown slow down right now it's just kind of taking it day by day really the next twenty four to forty eight hours for us to see what goes on and one of the build up your early in the game one of the things we solid construction slowdown and await no nine is it seems like all of a sudden somebody pushed a button and things kind of stopped is that what's happening in your industry was going gang busters then all of a sudden just kind of came to a screeching halt yeah we did give up quite a bit of a stop yesterday with all these events are and we have to start to be canceled and copulation I now but we definitely can see that you know continuing and these this business that you're working for you guys been around for quite a while it's not like you're just a start up you've been around so you've this company really is got a good foothold but every no one is immune from this right yes Sir that's correct we we've been in business for fifteen years here in the valley and that we do have in my foot down but definitely wearables are taking precautions and got to be ready for well I appreciate you coming on this morning kind of sharing a little bit your story when we were talking about this I had even considered your industry but I I how hard it's been hit up hope that things get better for you pretty quick yes seventy two Mackey said all right thanks Paul and that's Paul Trask is name the companies called H. P. two promotions that make promotional items he runs the print shop T. shirts things of that nature the conversation we had started with him saying we've got orders have been cancelled got orders that are put on hold because there were events that happen every single year they've got a good clientele in a great reputation and in the industry so they have a great client base but when clients aren't sure their events are going to happen you're not going to print those promotional items it's just another example of what we're seeing and look at the list of companies or or industries right now that are affected by this with all the major sports leagues are saying they're on hold right now Major League Baseball is it waiting at least two weeks to start their season we see first hand what what that does your what spring training NBA Phoenix Suns how many games what's this going to cost if you look at cityscape and that that entertainment district right around where the Phoenix Suns play out at Westgate the games of the coyotes play is the lifeblood for those restaurants roll up for a lot of that time they do other events throughout the week but you're talking you know thousands of people a couple of times a week at those arenas and so there are a lot of other businesses that are dependent on these things happening so when you talk about closures there are you know a lot of people no fault of our own and this is the kind of thing that people talk about it being prepared is what is it that you know eat impacts you we're gonna talk a little bit later on about that is the impact of you didn't do anything wrong you're running a business in this case you have a print shop to does promotional items T. shirts for advance you know will partners with the old kai OTC whatever and now all of a sudden all of that's on hold and is this going to change the way people do business long term and that's something we're gonna talk about later on because are we watching the generation of people to kind of live life like it's going to last forever does this change people's mindset but when you look at a business like this end and when the construction business the silver lining of the construction crash that happened await no nine was it weeded out the weaker businesses it was the more solid businesses with the better business plan not just quality of work but quality of the business that survived it weeded out a lot of the other bad I'll be very honest I lost my business and all of that I was relatively new I looked back at the mistakes I made and I learned a very expensive and valuable lesson what not being prepared about growing too fast about growing the wrong way if I were to start a business again I would do things dramatically different but for the business is now that have been doing the right thing no fault of their own and now all of a sudden they're watching stuff around them freeze and wondering what they're going to do next and again this case you heard the concern about we're not sure what's going to happen yet we have not come to the point of lay offs twenty eight employees overall six employees in this print shop and I guarantee you the boss of that company will hang on to employees for absolutely as long as they can because they treat their employees like family members this is a small family these been loyal people that when things are very busy they have people every pitch is everybody pitches in and gets the work done so it's it's these are tough decisions for people to make down the road and hopefully it's never going to get to that point but I just wanted you to hear from a business owner what their perspective is if people don't go out to eat can't go to sports games and aren't traveling businesses are gonna need to make some tough decisions in the future president trump declared a national emergency earlier today you're gonna hear Jim Sharpe's reaction to his address next all right it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at the hi Jamie hit me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song what the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay Hey hearing from bone was what wine you say well be fine coverage options to fit your budget then we just all the fingers now small choir goes even coming after they've come at jet yes no maybe anyway so your practice tonight I got a new lyrics of the rhetoric progressive casualty insurance company affiliates pricing coverage much limited by state law is one day sale with deals of the day price so low you don't need a coupon like sixty to seventy percent off tailored suits and sport coats from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein buy one pair of shoes.

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