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All the, people all the Americans that were against a Russia you. Know all the conservatives they knew who bled? Amir Putin, was is there a line that Trump could, cross for, instance I just had Bill Browder. On and yesterday you know Trump was still considering the well maybe we'll. Ship some people over to be questioned by Putin in, Bill Browder is one of the ones that? Putin wanted is is there, a line that he could cross You mean voters To, make, people, say, yeah now, yeah you know what? Did we do join the swamp become part. Of the swab That is literally yet as long, as, he doesn't, do that he's going? To be fine with what does that mean Did he becomes Mitch McConnell Or you know I it becomes part of the system the establishment and he's proven, every day that. Is dot who saw. It it is. Good points there's bad points so I said, a couple of weeks ago Selena that I think what's what I'm seeing here with with Donald Trump is is very much like what happened with the black community with OJ Simpson I couldn't understand. How people were cheering for his release and, at the time everybody was saying no he's innocent he's innocent now you look at the polls for African Americans and they're like no guilty as sin But what it was was, they were tired, of the system always beating them down and so it didn't. Really it wasn't about him it was. About, anyone that could, beat the system that was black. These is that how you think Americans in some cases look at Donald Trump that they are, tired, of the, press they're. Tired of the system of government always they're always losing and here's a guy win away Yeah absolutely not He's. Not, he's. Not He is. Someone who bucks system. They see. Every day Single does. He wasn't just blowing up gonna. Crack in the press Establishment Republicans and and they like that because the system Employees have left them behind it or Taking them Granted we will get the Christian Republic and we always know you're gonna get the The the minority vote because you're right Absolutely This was, picture you, know and and how people view people who run, culture which is in government and in the entertainment. Business in the sports people in the middle of of America in house government is how the person Back Oh book Very very different. From ninety populism modern populism is a healthy skepticism of all. Things. Big, okay Selena. I need, I'm sorry I have to have a break if you could just give me a very short answer. For this are you optimisic for, the American the traditional, American? Culture long-term Absolutely absolutely. I'm saying that as someone who, is literally on right, now A back road. In. Ohio. And I you know I see evidence evidence of it everywhere To protest with time They're working Getting on with. The business With their smartphone Selena Zito thank. You so much great. Talking to you the name of the book is. The great revolt it's. A must read if you really want to understand what nobody in the mainstream media is telling you about Trump voters and, what's really happening Selena Zito Want, to tell you a, little bit about Goldline Goldline has just been a brand new thing. With a Royal Canadian mint it's actually called the maple flex bar and it is comprised of nineteen individual little teeny bars of silver they make. Up two ounces of silver and it's, it's flat like a credit card and. About the size of a credit card and it makes it possible. For you to break them off into smaller Bouillon, coins and keep the bar the? Bar hole for a larger investment but it, is great for you know things really. Start to melt down, here what are you gonna carry, around. Even even two ounces of gold if things. Really meltdown in you need to barter what is. That twenty thousand dollars. Here's here's two ounces of of of silver which I think is what eighteen bucks if things meltdown the it's all in, the right Size so you can be able to break it off and buy groceries by gas do whatever you need to do. And it's all from the Royal Canadian, mint it's pure silver it's called the. Maple flex bar I want you to check this out and see. If it's right for you whole Goldline now one, eight six six Goldline one eight? Six six Goldline read their important risk information, Mike sure it's right for you at. One eight six six, Goldline or Goldline dot com Glenn Beck.

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