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Members are the mission, visit navy federal dot org ensured by NC UA. It's 9 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to the traffic center with Jack Taylor. All right, let's start out in the district where we had a broken down vehicle in inbound Michigan avenue near north capital street. It was reported along the left side of the roadway, southern avenue near Owens road that was a crash, and earlier in northeast we had a vehicle fire. That should be wrapping up Hawaii avenue between north capitol street and 22nd street. Slow downs on D.C. two 95 south leaving Maryland, headed toward east capital street. We'd been delayed north I two 95, right around laboratory road, and again exiting to go in bed on the 11th street bridge. You'll find it a little bit delayed on the freeway, leaving the 11th toward the third street tunnel. You also have a bit of slowdown leaving the third street tunnel toward the outbound case bridge. There's a slowdown in Virginia Rosalind to go east on 66 up under the Roosevelt bridge, three 95, you're pretty much the biggest delay, top end is crossing the inbound 14th street bridge. Now we're slower on the beltway outer loop. Telegraph road back over toward route one, watch out for a work zone. Inner loop delays come out of Springfield riding toward Braddock road and two 36, heavy again, north of 66 riding toward route 7. You will find now we'd had a couple late issues on the beltway in Maryland, topside outer loop, you'll slow from 95 to Georgia avenue after New Hampshire avenue, listeners had a crash in the left lane, then we'd had more trouble after Georgia avenue headed toward Connecticut avenue. That wreck is along the right side of the roadway. Now you'll find branch avenue north near naylor road, a vehicle fire, two 70, south, near montrose road. We'd had word of a broken down bus along the right side of the roadway. All right, eastbound traffic again moving headed toward the bay bridge. We're going to have a two way operation potentially. Keeping an eye out if they've got a red X on the eastbound side for any work that may be setting up. But for now, unclear if we've got three lanes east, two lanes west, please follow the lane control signals. Now you'll find in Virginia. We had a little slow traffic on 66 going eastbound near Natalie headed toward the beltway, 95s looking pretty good north and southbound right now between Springfield and falmouth should find nothing huge in your way bristow road, north of Kaiser wrote nokesville. I think here you're still under police direction from a wreck. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supplies opening and belts fill around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, water systems, HVAC, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Nice day in progress here. Let's check with chuck bell. The sunniest part of the day will be the first part of the day here on your Wednesday forecast, sunshine, giving way to cloud cover for this afternoon. Don't need to worry about rain, but it is

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