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Podcast family secrets. I just launched a new podcast called the way we live now. Our lives have been disrupted interrupted but that does not mean that we can't reach one another in ways. That are both powerful and intimate. I'll talk with people across the great human tapestry. What's life like for you today? We'll be reminded that we're not alone. Listen to the way we live now on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The bobby bones post show pre show as we were ending. Today's show. Amy said she wanted to talk about an idea. I said just roll over here now. What now you're rolling is any well. No because I was like. Oh I don't even know if I should bring it up because I but it is an idea that I had and then it made me think. Oh maybe now. This is the time to talk about this idea. Okay well so you know. My podcast is four things and if you think about it there's four will there's Bay so there's race fiance. There's Bobby's girlfriend there's Eddie's wife and then there's lunchboxes wife so it's kind of the significant others on the show and I have a mine as each one thing each for an episode and I mean but they took like a petty not not necessarily talk about your your wife being a foster mom and things that she is passionate about it could be. It's like a way for them to have a voice for a second for things that they're passionate about sanity bag or something. I don't know if anybody's up for that. I think it'd be cool. I just let you talk to her about it because I bet you she would say just no because she's so private she doesn't. This just isn't her thing to talk to a lot of people she may. I mean if you get in a room she may WanNa talk to you. Amy And may maybe open up. I mean I would give you the green light to contact her for sure. Well and what Caitlyn she does not love the the public world either. I have to just be like come on. Come to a SEC again. She loves you. Yeah and but she also was like. Why does anybody care what I do? She cannot understand on. Hold on hold on. Hold on hold on. She counter stand at all while she has one hundred and something thousand instagram followers. And she doesn't do anything on instagram. Okay I her last picture thinking. She's very birthday April second on instagram. That's how little shoes instagram. She has a hundred and thirteen thousand followers. Yeah but I think she is funny and interesting and duper all like her. She's really into cooking. She may have recipes. She could share with people. I can't get her to cooking video to save her life and I've been like why don't you put some of this up? I'm working it. I think eventually she'll be in that place but this is all so new to her. Like having people in town know what's happening in her life is so weird to her that. I'm going to say we can talk about that as me again in thirty days thirty days and then with raise fiancee. She has been through a lot for her age. I think you're right all year. She's totally down. Yeah because she was like and then she would fill in on the show as a co host so okay and then I guess I don't know to about lunchboxes wife if she would wanna come on as his other half I have no idea I mean she doesn't mean I have no idea she'd want talk about anything or what she would talk about. But I'm talking talking about how great I am and everything about that but I don't know do that. Maybe you're one for four days and the rest of us are kind of going out right now but thirty days hit a okay thirty days. We'll check it all right within your calendar. You did Sammy to send me a note about Kaelin said. Do you think would like you with gray hair? Why would you send me that because I know while I just it's awesome in men's health about that? Ninety percent of females are attracted to men with grey hair. So and then I know you're worried about the great that comes through and your beard or the patches or something but it's fine she's going to be attracted to it. I'm sure she's part of the ninety percent. I get weird gray and my sideburns not on my head but my sideburns into a couple of tiny patches down here on my chin. That's weird but when I go on. Tv is a toothbrush in Brussels out because he got this little spray. He's putting on tooth brushing of covers. It right I really. Oh yeah that's cool. That's why I look so slick on TV. When I have a beard is because he's too little patches on my Chin and Kelly sprays it on a toothbrush and this brushes it in and it looks clean as a whistle. Thank you very much. What are you doing? Amy New computer depending on my calendar on. May Twenty seven to check in with you about CAITLIN coming on podcast. If I don't put in the calendar I won't remember exactly when thirty days is trying to be respectful of that was asking one of Radio France when they're going back in the studio he thinks they'll go back in intimate early. June I don't think I ever WANNA go back. I'm just saying we miss you. I'm just saying what. Amy Cheers just over there. All lonely by itself Scuba. Steve Sits over there sometimes. Well yeah I know he feels he. Yeah he keeps it warm for you but still I'm used to seeing you there. I know but I just like walking upstairs eventually. This is going to be how I do the show. I'm determined that may not be right now but eventually this is that going to build something. The halston never leave you know. Can you tell me a little bit for sure? Hundred percent like he got a taste of this life and he. Yeah maybe one maybe like one or two days a week I go in and then the rest of the time I don't I work from home. Something like that's happening it's GONNA hybrid from here out. This woman say she has let me get all right. We're done Hope you enjoyed today's show in the USA and before we go here no just hope everybody has a great day. I was talking with Eddie's working from home. Hey we'll get you that microphone in your Halston Than Eddie goes have four kids and they will never shut up so I can't work from home. Yeah I was like just say. Save the money on whatever studio. You'd build them my house because there's just no way would work. I don't have. I mean I have one room that I could possibly sneak into but they would just bust into that room whenever they get a chance and it would be a lot of hold on quiet guys. Well we don't want that but it's not a bunch of my microphone. Morgan's just got a microphone. Plugged into a computer right Morgan. Yeah I'm just sitting at my kitchen table was that where it is. Okay Here we go. This is Tuesday show who cares. Yeah did you see the the? Abc Guy was doing the news and he was doing a he's a reporter and he didn't realize his camera angle was alone on shorts with a suit he was just at home. Nice yeah the camera angle is just a little too low and you see him short shorts with a full suit on top. Pretty funny all right. Enjoy hoping like today's show tomorrow. Though Tomorrow Dirksen Lee Aka Doug Douglaston from country night so have him for a segment and injured Andrews. What we talk about here coming up in a minute but we just just just was confirmed. She'll be on tomorrow too so listen to come back tomorrow. Tell your friends about us. Thank you. We'll talk to you soon but here we go today. Show being stuck inside. Doesn't mean you can't still go shopping for the things that you need. Not when there's HSEN DOT COM. Aitchison is the go to place for all things kitchen beauty home decor apparel and more that's right. Hsen DOT COM is a one stop place to shop for. 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