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Except for beth me i invited her but you know it's crazy i haven't ever billionth in pleased with anyone before accept all my form of france plays jill sierran okay although she still friends will jill that's what it's cracking me up this whole thing is jills argument because all of those things that she spit out with spit out to bathani were all the things that jills been saying for years which is your doctor weight of the top you did this and that those are all jill arguments so obviously she's talking to jill jilin on the show don't don't be arguing jills points when she does not even on the show ramona michael i do miss the gossip though i do miss the gossett at got a bit an abyss at a method asked what that so annoying so annoying um yes ramona's very proud she's like i did all meet meet myself and what did it won't myself there were also some migrant workers in here but they would just here because they were falling in love with me you know pick from single ready to mingle so now that i brought abdul and i don't want to do it again later um remote it was on what happens live and i couldn't watch it because anti was like hey everybody next we're gonna see roman blooms or they bigger done blows or whatever i was like a camp but um i watched a little bit her faces different again and it's starting to look like jills face have you noticed did you see it uh i didn't notice but i actually think just faces looking pretty good these days looks very good these days yes i have to say yeah yeah face hair and her body is banging.

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