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By the way, E sh lt s c h u l Z and party, Elizabeth. Thanks for joining us. Good morning. Thanks so much for having me. Yeah, There's some questions about the finances of the campaigns of Does anybody really believe that either the president of Joe Biden over a lot of money to do what they want to do in these campaigns? I don't think anyone thinks they're running out of money, especially after President Trump said yesterday. He's willing to put in whatever it takes to sell fun, his own presidential campaign, he essentially said. He's willing to do what it takes to win, but that it's not necessary. Right now. This comes after their reports, reports question whether his campaign is running low on cash. Trump did say that he had to spend more money early on in the race to fight attacks from Democrats in the media about how he was handling the throne, a virus pandemic. The campaign. The Trump campaign has raised a total of about $1.1 billion in July. We know it spends about at least $750 million of that. While Biden is continuing to rake in record fundraising in August, he brought in $364 million. We haven't yet seen the Trump campaign figures for the month of August. Yeah, just you know, the president remember, funded the first after his first campaign for president on his own, before people started thinking, my my people win. We'll give him some money. And it just seems like, you know, being being concerned about Emily. Having $350 million just left in the cafe coffer is well, What do you make of Joe Biden? Not bad. What do you make of Joe by in the increasing the amount of money that he's taking it is because it's Headin in some of the polls. Is that the reason for it? Yeah, a couple of different reasons. We have seen bite and kind of closed his lead on trump and fundraising in recent months, you know, particularly that cash on hand number the gap that Trump had a lot more cash on hand. Starting Going into this campaign. That gap is closed in recent months, but dividing campaign attributed it's August fundraising that $364 million record number, they said. A lot of that money was from small donations, so donations between five and $20 and they said. Everything was bolstered by his choice of Kamala Harris as the presidential pick and also by the Democratic National Convention in both of those helping to contribute to the August campaign numbers. Campaign, I will say is spending a lot right now. It's spending $47 million just on digital in TV ads this week, so ramping up its spending in the homestretch here ahead of the election. Heard at any idea when we might get the Trump campaign's numbers, financial numbers We don't Hopefully soon, they say normally come out at the start of the month. So we hope to get those numbers soon, You know, ultimately their way Trump is, you know a little bit harder to get to the bottom of where the money goes. They funnel some, of course through these packed that we've heard of in recent months. The Trump campaign is saying, Don't worry about the concert and we heard from the campaign manager yesterday, Bill Stepien, saying. Don't worry about the money. We have more money than we had At this point last year, he said Money was the only factor in determining the race. President Trump wanted one in 2016 really downplaying the questions about Finances. He said He has sort of titan the budget since he took over the campaign and saying he's very confident about where the Trump campaign stands going into the final stretch. God. Hey, thanks Those with good to talk to you again. Well, A little's with guilty from ABC News. You know, Look, it's I think it's silly, too. You know, I mean, Trump's got enough money to be able to do what he needs to do. And this battle has gotten to beat to the point where you've got big money people on both sides of the equation. If they think they can put a candle over the top. They're going to donate on drunken always dip into his conference. Whatever he needs, it's just on issue whatsoever. Make up in the next half hour. We got interesting show today and in 9 11 group. Rossman is an attorney who serves his assistant state attorney for 20 years I've become Broward State Attorney get his take on the proposed civilian board in Bar County involving police talk, Sheriff Tony about it earlier today. And then at 9 41. Bill O'Reilly is going to join us. He's got a new book out. No is killing. Ah, Siri's of books is one is killing crazy Horse, The merciless Indian wars in America. The Bills police 17. The bill around got 17 million books. In in in publication. Ah and I, the killing Syriza's terrific looking my bookshelf here and I've got several of them there of radio killing Kennedy. Killing Lincoln is there's a lot of great things that he's done. That are the drinks of history to a more enjoyable way of reading. And so this will be fascinating to killing crazy horse. We'll talk to him about politics, the presidential race the whole thing. That's it. 8 41, right. I eat 46 man. He got something straining for Jimmy Miami Dade County schools still having some connection problems more than a week after they launched distance learning and suffered hacks and other intrusions initially, but one school district actually had to shut down, virtual learning it. After they dealt with another issue. Jimmy the Hartford, Connecticut School district's computer system, suffered from a ransomware attack force them to shut down their entire system until further notice, read more about the hack what the bad guys wanted from them and return for releasing about 200 of their servers back to them. On the front page of.

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