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A marvelous we can mine is just accident data that added that done I think I read a story about the song recently jog my memory drugom it'll come to me way out because I saw that tells all the story here this lady has sued tripadvisor because he fell off a camel in Africa tripadvisor is based in Massachusetts she's Brianne Ayala twenty four years old accusing Massachusetts based trip advisor added subsidiary via tore of negligence and breach of contract for failing to ensure the camel tour operator was operating safely in Marrakech Morocco that is your job in Massachusetts you know make sure she took a camel tour with her her family the sunset camel tour and she said her family did not receive a safety briefing before the tour is in January last year a spokesman for trip advisor declined to comment during the tour one of the hand was told by all of the candles she was riding to the cattle she was writing was pregnant and was about a month away from giving birth the cattle ran off from the caravan causing Ayala to fall and break her arm the hand was waited to call an ambulance until the tour operator arrived an hour later underwent surgery in Morocco hospitalized for two days she's a that wasn't supposed to happen and you can't just say it's at your own risk too bad she wants the money I'm sure she had to sign some sort a waiver I don't know never been to Marrakech but you would think she signed a waiver anyways when you trip adviser will see with echoes seven thirty eight will do traffic weather sports combo just.

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