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Her annoying Pat Roach. He is here. Playing three separate roles plays the wizard. Tough Emma on a character of Robert de Howard's who was also the basis for many traits that were put into Elsa doom in Conan the barbarian roach happened to also be in the Carlo. Rambaldi designed caped eight-man suit which took five and a half hours of makeup time every day for about three weeks and he also and a lot of people don't know this. He donned the costume. When the UNCREDITWORTHY Andre the giant who reportedly was in the day off costume for the most part he suffered back pain and took eight people to give him into the suit and eight other people to control its mechanized aspects. Roach ended up wearing an astronaut suit inside because under the giant. What's much larger it? Kind of filled up that remaining space but also to stave off dehydration and had a doctor on hand to give him oxygen so he wouldn't pass out after being in the suit too long. Now the worst casting I feel for Conan. The Barbarian is tracey Walter. He plays the cowardly but cunning thief. Malik who feels here to provide the intended comic relief so at least his character pretty much a bust they did want Danny Devito for the part but he was unavailable so initially they cast. David l lander if you know that name. You're probably as old as I am. He played squeaky from Laverne and Shirley outlander he always seemed to be stepping on. Fleischer's toes and then he ended a falling ill during the shoot and reportedly was fired because he appeared to be stumbling drunk all the time. So land was gone and Walter ended up filling in the role after one day's notice now years afterward it was discovered that landers stumbling was actually the onset of multiple sclerosis now when Fleischer put together I cut. It ran more than three hours in length so he had to set about working with Rafaela. Villa RENTA's Dino's daughter who also produced the first film on his behalf. They had to chop it down to nearly half that length while still retaining as much action thrills as possible so a lot of exposition and character touches end up on that cutting room floor. Conan the barbarian do feel is a better film than the destroyer because Conan the barbarian has passion and it's based on the savage vision of a visionary director. John Milius who had a lot to say within the course of that movie Richard Fleischer. Here he was just a last minute hired gun for Conan the destroyer. He was only expected to package together. An entertaining product that was designed solely to make money in contrast to the first entry. The sequel is coated with too much cheese to not find it disappointment overall. I think though as a standalone piece. Interestingly it has not aged as poorly as other sword and sorcery flicks from the nineteen eighties. It is still very hokey but there is a particular enjoyment that can be. Had by watching this sequel. If you divorce it from the first film which for most people these days. It's hard to do because if you watch Conan the barbarian and you like it. You immediately want to watch Conan the destroyer which will probably destroy your evening if you happen to watch it in a marathon now. I think the film comes undone in two key scenes both for the same reasons which are battles against villains portrayed unconvincing rubber suits the first one involves a man ape version of the wizard off. Amman in a room of mirrors added by Stanley Man in his script. He was inspired by a similar character. In Robert De Howard rogues in the house the Mars the climax with its grotesquely. Silly looking dig costume. Because de la Renta's just would not pay for the Stop Motion Animation that they had wanted to make. But it still looks fake and it's ugliness repugnant and just doesn't work says if you want to read into this film. Any further than service level data is meant to be a metaphor for nuclear energy. It's something that promises unlimited power to people but it actually carries with it the ability to destroy humanity in the unleashing. This may explain why the monster looks like it would fit in Morena Godzilla flick than something that comes from the world of Conan. I think these scenes with these creatures are dark and gruesome and roads the tongue in cheek tone of the rest of the film on the Positive Cinematography by Academy Award Winning Jack Harf and a set an art design. And the Basle Polymer Score. He's returning here as composer from the first film. They're all genuine highlights. It does look and sound very good other than those rubber suits. But despite all of the attempts to try to broaden the franchise based with the Sequel Conan the destroyer still disappointed at the box office. It made only thirty one million dollars in the United States that was significantly less than forty million that was made by the more serious minded R. rated original. Some of this is due to the unfavourable competition. It had with other summer blockbusters ghostbusters and Gremlins were in theaters. Were dominating but even with this. It's still debuted lower than the other notable film released the same weekend cannonball run two which was not a good movie at all so the signs were there that this was just not going to be that good of a film financially it did however perform slightly better internationally than the first film and so it was a lucrative venture for them in the end but still as a sequel. Conan. The destroyer is a failure especially for fans of the original Robert. E Howard Works. It does not deliver on the tone or the promise of its film predecessor in broadening its fan base but as I mentioned as a standalone adventure it does maintain enough moments of enjoyment for fans of adventures that feature faraway lands exotic locales and the requisite wizards and warriors and princesses. So if you like that kind of thing you know if your expectations are low enough this dumb fund epic does make for a passably escapist guilty pleasure when you don't watch the two films back to back so for all of that I will give Conan the destroyer two and a half stars out of four Tuna Stars on my scale means. I do think that it had the tools that had the talent to be something more. You definitely had a good director here. At least one that has made good movies. You had Schwarzenegger back. You had a pretty good ensemble of colorful character actors in the mix here all of the requisite bells and whistles that you could want and yet it just falls short. It does not continue the first film in a way that satisfy big fans of that. It doesn't satisfy the fans of the Robert e Howard books and it just feels like a goofy sword and sorcery flick from the nineteen eighties. And if that's all you're looking for you'RE GONNA get it here and you're probably going to enjoy it on that level but anybody looking for more than that is really going to find that the pleasures are only too superficial to be anything more than just a time waster escapist entertainment so two and a half stars out of four is the best. I can give Conan the destroyer. Probably the best. Almost anybody should give it. Even though Roger Ebert gave it three stars now before I leave here I do want to say a few words. About where the franchise kind of went after this and why. They didn't come up with another movie. Because despite its financial success pretty much ended here now several months before the release of Conan the destroyer. They knew it was not going to be the blockbuster. They thought it could be Schwarzenegger agreed to help. Dila rentis get funding for another film. He was making almost concurrently called Red Sonja. Now Raton Sonja. The title character also comes from the Robert e Howard stories where she's called Red Sonja of rogue it. No and Sonia was a swashbuckling character. That was altered from her sixteenth century. Setting in the Robert e Howard's story to the Hibernian Age and popularized in comics by screenwriter Roy. Thomas in the pages of Conan the barbarian comic book for Marvel but for legal reasons to character Schwarzenegger portrays in red. Sonja would be Conan in everything but his name that relegates it to being kind of an unofficial spinoff Conan and for what it's worth it's going to be the film. I'm going to be discussing on next episode so check out one thousand nine hundred five Red Sonja if you haven't seen it ready to get prepared for the review. Now plans were for Schwarzenegger to continue to make three additional CONAN sequels because they were still lucrative universal pictures seen all in the added the adventures of CONAN attraction to its theme park into did very well. They purchased the film rights to all of the CONAN stories in anticipation for continuing including those not written by Robert. Howard but Schwarzenegger was souring on the films. He felt the alienated the Fan. Base by trying to broaden CONAN's appeal and Dino Delicious. He never really understood the character anyway or fantasy films in general. They were his biggest busts at the box office. For the most part so he really didn't care that much about continuing beyond commissioning a script for Conan three by car wagner that never really developed now in the early nineteen nineties Charles Edward Pogue. He was visiting Della Rentis actually Raphael and he thought they could do proper Conan story. He had some ideas in mind. Those ideas ended up turning into a story treatment. That universal pictures did green light entitled Conan the conqueror however Schwarzenegger's reticence to return to property caused universal to have to make changes to the main character because they thought that people would not accepting new CONAN CONAN became king call which was another robbery. Howard grazing call the conqueror and that bill the conqueror was released in the end in one. Thousand nine hundred. Seven starring not Schwarzenegger but TV actor. Kevin Sorbo Charles. Edward pogue script ended up not getting utilized for that project. Though John Milius he attended to return to the series he made a lot of noise on resurrecting the property as early as two thousand one with his script called King Conan crown of iron. He was going to be doing this for the House keys. And it was in development for a few years before which Hausky started losing their clout in the business. Robert Rodriguez ended up taking over the project for a few years when John milius abandoned it. But by this time. Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California. And he was going to be unavailable for white along time. So interest in that script ended up dying. Especially after Conan. Got A reboot in twenty eleven that star Jason. Momoa that flop at the box office. Pretty Big in twenty twelve though producer. Chris Morgan attempted to bring a nother CONAN project. Called the legend of Conan to the big screen and Schwarzenegger was interested in returning because he was done being governor California and was looking to strike back in the business. That was described by Morgan as a source re riff on. Clint Eastwood's unforgiven the older Conan looking back upon his life and his regrets. But after years of development hell universal scrapped the plans in two thousand seventeen because the budget was going to be pretty high and CONAN seemed to have questionable relevance in the more modern era and Schwarzenegger was not the box office. Dominator that he once was in his past. So there's still a lot of talk out there. That Schwarzenegger will return as Conan in one form or another but it continues to be in development. Hell even to this day. You can still find stories of him being interested in waiting for another project to get into. But I don't know I don't hold out a lot of hope at this point but you never know what's going to happen so that's where I will leave it for now. If you have your thoughts on Conan the destroyer that you want to impart to me or Conan the barbarian you can find all my contact information on my website links to my twitter feed facebook. Page instagram my email. Those ways are adequate to get in touch with me and let me know what you think of these movies and also any suggestions that you have for the show or any movies that haven't covered that you want to see me get sometime in our lifetimes quips dot is where to go for all of the details on that as I mentioned Red Sonja for next week and until next time thanks for joining me on this trip around the world eighties movies..

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