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Hey about you are women softball at all i didn't you have by chance washing oklahoma florida game last like i did not watch it last night but i saw a little bit last friday and over the weekend well of course is the finals and the college ladies play a seven innings um last night they tied up multiple times you know how walnut puppy wet i have no has zevon team nato seventeen innings un believable it was how it was fun to watch in i never cared a whole lot about it they said czar and her oldest daughter big and a softball for many many years and it of course alabama the alabama whyte's did a great job a few years back weren't at all are what is that when you went to let two o'clock in the morning yet jackie drain ally yeah oh it was so good i'll tell you what that girl could hurl all ball of fun to watch some of those pitchers got some help solemn have you seen him some of them i mean the hoo yeah there's a reason we have a widescreen i mean really they can throw that thing that was got to have some what i know when i mean i'm not telling them anything they don't know route the college young ladies really do a bang up joe good they're really do can you imagine have met ball committee that clova audio some one pitcher last night was getting the ball up at ninety miles of the soft ballgame caused them he hopes i'd no matter where i go there it is what you i'm just telling you what it is and your rapier wit and just okay what it is i i don't know if you saw this this story or not i our alabama coal plant is listed as the largest greenhouse gas amid or in the entire united states shut it down who shut it down that's gonna kill somebody in annex 100year this was the posted by the weather channel earlier today with data from the us environmental protection agency so it is the miller plant and jefferson county yep the weather channel sites epa data from two.

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