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This is national native news. I'm trip krause in franconia gonzales. According to the us census bureau two thousand twenty demographic data shows about twenty five percent increase from the two thousand ten census in the number of american indians and alaska natives who self reported and were not combined with any other race that puts the estimated total about three point seven million or one point one percent of the total us population between the two thousand ten and two thousand twenty data american indians and alaska natives who reported in a combination with another race rose by about one hundred and sixty percent and now account for two point nine percent of the total population the census that will be used to determine levels of federal funding to tribes and tribal communities as well as legislative redistricting tribal health officials with the forrest county pot. Awada me community are warning if cova nineteen cases that have been linked to the tribes. Recent powwow in wisconsin daniel creating reports as of thursday. A tribal spokesperson confirmed that two people who attended the powell had tested positive for the virus. Tribal chairman ned daniels junior said in an announcement on social media that the tribe is taking extra precautions including postponing future. Large gatherings don't ever want to see our community shut down because it is by ras again but the large gathered is one way we can help right now the lack of flambeau menominee tribes are also urging people to get tested if they attended the event medical director. Amy slagle with the menominee. Tribal clinic said they had tested about forty people as of thursday. None of been positive who've identified being a pow but slagle says it may be this week before any new cases emerged that could be tied to the event. The powwow typically draws hundreds of people from across the region for national native news. i'm daniel catering. A federal appeals court is considering the case of a woman who is raped by a bureau of indian affairs officer a now. It's asking montana. Supreme court to determine whether law enforcement agencies in the state can be held liable when they're on duty officers sexual assault. Someone on ten. Public radio's freddie. Managua's has more the question from the ninth circuit. Court of appeals stems from a twenty eighteen federal case in which former cia officer dana bull coming coerced and impregnated northern cheyenne woman. After threatening to arrester the woman identified by her initials court documents sued bull coming the bay and the federal government for damages child support a judge found bull coming liable for the rape and awarded the woman. One point six million dollars however the judge ruled the federal government including the cia was not liable for bull. Cummings actions that's different from montana. Laws which allow local law enforcement agencies to be held liable for actions of their on duty officers in the question to the high court filed monday. They write this. Federal policy creates a dichotomy that likely has a disproportionate effect on montana's indigenous population. Who are more likely to interact with federal officers bull coming pleaded guilty in two thousand eighteen deprivation of rights under the color of law and is serving a three year prison sentence for national native news. I'm freddie monotonous. The navajo nation will return to its own status restrictions awake of a new surge of covered nineteen cases. The restrictions will include capacity levels for businesses on august eleventh navajo department of health reported forty-nine new cove in nineteen cases for the nation and two more deaths a blood quantum requirement prevents native hawaiians from passing their land leases under the nineteen twenty hawaiian homes commission at the family members with less than one quarter. Hawaiian blood are proposed. Federal bill would lower the blood quantum requirements from twenty-five percent to about three percents a former navajo nation. President passed away fifth knob nation. President kelsey brigade died of natural causes. Friday inflec- staffers zona. He was seventy for national.

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