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Welcome to the big FELLAS podcast where we chop it up about all things past present and future about the game of basketball. We're facts. Stats and context reigns supreme. Blasphemous sometimes it gets crazy, but we always keep it really always keep it real. Get ready to learn from players coaches in fans from all levels of the game and see the court and a brand new way. And now fresh off the sidelines. Here's your host John. Hart, Oh, Phyllis. What is up, guys and him to be first ever episode of the Big Fellas podcast? I'm your host Jay h coming from new. City, the Mecca of basketball today I'M GONNA kick things off with the. Episode where we're going to have here on the big FELLAS podcast soccer player that while I wasn't really allowed to play going up. He was an inspiration to me as a young player and I watched cows hours rim wrapping up post post moving my driveway to help improve my game. This is none other than Akeem. The dream lodge on before jump in I. Want to give you guys a quick look ahead on what to expect. You're on the big fellows podcast. Basically I'm a nineteen year old college student in new. York City that super passionate about the sports industry and my dream is to one day work in the NBA. When it comes down to it if it has to a basketball I, love doing it and I. Never Ever Ever See basketball as work I coached the Freshman Basketball Team Xavier High School in the heart of downtown Manhattan and I also coach for superleague Athletic Academy internationally for their annual Greece tour. Unfortunately, the twin currently plays the should because of the pandemic, but because of their free time I've never saw cows new projects including hoping next guest Jessica with the making lemonade fund, which has raised over one hundred twenty five thousand dollars to date for Covid nineteen relief. I've also founded the Big Sports Business Club where we have. Our sports business conference in the coming weeks, but include professionals all over the industry, and of course so the podcast. You're listening to right now on this show what I WANNA do differently from all the other basketball podcasts out there is do my best to eliminate my opinion from the equation and Sibley. Give the facts, stats and context, so you can learn about some of the lesser known MBA legends that don't get the airtime or screen time. Time. They deserve I spent a great deal of time. Giving basically everything there is to find on the Internet about player and going to have a new guest on with me every week to break these players down in a casual but informed way we'll also have interviews with super interesting people from across the sports landscape, including players, coaches, executives agents. Any reporters trigger shown on below. You can see and keep up with all are coming content I. I hope you.

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