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The familiar faces of parents Page Eleanor Clift and past Buchanan. And I guess this week is Alexander Heffner from PBS. Welcome out Thunder. On that note. We should get to our first issue, which is if you won hunters, emails. The New York Post This week reports is on an email from a senior charisma official to Hunter Biden. Joe Biden, son. A Ukrainian energy for embarrassment, formerly employed Hunter that raised eyebrows in the vice president. Biden later pressure to Ukraine to fire an investigator who was looking into Paris Mus dealings. In Biden's defense that investigator is generally viewed is corrupt. Still one Evo from April 15 2001 year off the hunt to join the charisma board appears to undermine Joe Biden's assertion that he never spoke to Hunter about his Ukraine business dealings. The email. Originally acquired by Trump Campaign ally Rudy Giuliani, involves the charisma official thanking Hunter Biden for inviting him to the United States on meeting with his father, Joe. Hold that thought. Because the Biden campaign says the meeting never happened. Which begs the question. Is this an issue of dirty tricks in lieu of an October surprise or a story deserving of more serious media attention? The story continues because social media giants Facebook and Twitter, then censored the New York Post reporting, suggesting that it might contain misinformation. Republican senators are now threatening to subpoena Twitter and Facebook executives. Said packed. We will say more reporting later in the week in terms of potential Ah China relationship Hunter Biden and traveling with a robot in 2013 gets a business license 10 days after and now we see emails from 2017 talking about an unknown big man, but regardless off the established facts of the story. But isn't a secondary point here an extraordinary example of media malpractice and social media censorship in the unwillingness really, to even engage with the story. I found that quite astonishing over the past two days. It is remarkable. There's also the alleged $3.5 million that Hunter got The wife of the mayor of Moscow was a friend of Vladimir Prudie's now imagine if Eric Trump It turned up with 3.5 million prospers from the mayor of much of the press wouldn't be covering anything else. It would have confirmed everything. Impeachment automatically would be demanded. Knowabout this 100 buyers. Ah 100 Biden story. You got 83,000 month from that Ukrainian corrupt energy company, and Joe Biden says, I never knew anything about it. I never talk to my son about it now, if there's truth This report of these emails came out, apparently about computer. I think it was in a pawn shop in Wilmington, Delaware. Then Joe Biden's own credibility would be on the line. And perhaps much more, but I think we gotta wait. And here's where the media should be all over. They should be affirming or questioning or checking on this thing, because if true is we used to say in journalism in my days, if true, which a hugely important story If not, it is an interesting story As to who is putting this all together, right? Elena? The media are all over it. It's a conspiracy theory. It's Russian disinformation. It's being peddled. Thrill. Rudy Giuliani, who has zero credibility on any of this, No media outlet, has been able to confirm any of the so called details, including the New York Post, which which hasn't hasn't seen the computer. Ah and the social media companies are reacting responsibly. You don't Publish and pedal ally so that against traction and boy the media apparatus, nicks on the right are out there hammering away on this. It's a desperate search for an October surprise to rescue a president who looks on his way. To be headed to have historic defeat. Alexander, though you know the element suggests that it was appropriate for Facebook and Twitter to restrict access to the reporting. And how can that be compatible with Twitter and Facebook approach towards the Russia collusion reports but came out Ah, successively for two years. And then effectively came at least at the prosecutorial standard, which was the defining element to nothing. And secondly, we do not have from Hunter Biden a denial that these emails Ah came from him. So in that sense alone, Surely there is something worthy of investigation here after rule the media, quite rightly, pointing out allegations that the Trump family has engaged in cronyism through the presidential office. I think that social media have been largely irresponsible from 2015 op and that they should be immune from scrutiny and that they are publications that oughta have the same amount of Ah, legal liability on DH. That's what they are, and any American is able to Create a counterpoint or counterpart to a Twitter or Facebook and to allow the dissemination of disinformation or unverifiable or not authenticated information. So It's finally raising the point that we can have social media that are responsible that band conspiracy theorists and extremist groups like human on Or we can have a social media. That are gateways to that extremism and hyper partisan and even militant disclose so Alexander to push you on that a little bit. Would you be in favor, then on that basis off Banning some of the journalists who reported things in relation to trump in collusion that turned out to be totally unverifiable. My my attitude towards it is everybody should have the right to own information in their marketplace and if their marketplaces Twitter and they think they are being wronged on Twitter because there's something that they're disputing, then they should have a channel to pursue that with Twitter or with Facebook and if that is illegal Jurisdiction question that should be corrected. Parents your thought?.

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