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And I think what the way I look at it. As crypto is you know GonNa Follow Network Laws on so at some point it's GonNa his inflection points and sort of become exponential. I think we're just before that curve So I think you're GONNA see a ton more people come on board And you know anyone's main objection. I think they're still not sure about crypto. They just don't want to speculate or you know Sure no I completely agree and you know and for the record anybody who's listening who is interested you know And Far I'll let you plug yourself here in a little bit shortly but I do encourage you to actually go to coin dot com and go look at their FAQ's there. I see the frequently asked questions and I think you guys did a really great job for an explaining step-by-step essentially all all these questions and you know of course I'm sure at times even for someone like myself asking you certain things like. Oh my gosh you know so. Thank you for here for now but I also woke up to an email today and I got. I saw that you guys are now also And this was really exciting. Because I'm I'm really interesting in actually obtaining when really the only reason why haven't bought one yet because I knew there was a waiting time and I was like when there's an attache that's about land. We'll be out of back orders Chris. What's up man? I might as well just go ahead and order you know regardless you know I I think that between what you guys have A. I built the questions that you have that you've already answered on your Faq's you know there's a lot of really just you just really interesting stuff or anybody in Crypto. Just I would go check. Check out their website. Everybody you know and like wind the sound but of course. I already warned you that there's going to be a little bit of funds a little bit but but tell me You know working where can can people find you like what is the. What is the way they needed to contact you or they wanted to get a coin? which should they go? Look deal on twitter I'm at far booed. Far Od my phone. My full first name mood. We're also at coin mine on twitter. Those are closer to great ways to reach out to us. You can also just come to our website point mine dot com And hit the chat button in the corner of we spun. Usually in a few minutes sometimes takes a little bit longer but we have but really pride ourselves on great customer support so we can answer questions that as well Were there anything-goes. Your device has a one year warranty you can purchase an extended warranty that ads like two years ears on it. which if anything happens it'll literally get replaced immediately so You know all those things are kind of right. There just joined mine dot calms easiest easiest way to get a hold of us all right. I've got a question for you. This is This is on Topo but like okay you know. What kind of excites me? Like I want like fifty. I want fifty of these coin minds and I want to remind waddling at once something I was going to ask. Is this a popular thing I mean are people people buying this and replacing the because this is a lot more this is less maintenance and you can have a warranty to right so this actually like you may be giving up some power but it might be worth it when it comes down to it. I think there are people who buy them by the dozens and I. My guess is and we've talked to a few of these folks folks A lot of times people solar Charleston yet makes it you have solar you almost certainly have excess solar during the day and So you can essentially point in. Sometimes you can sell some of that solar back into the network but they're often cap on how much you can sell until you basically just have access access energy and are you. Maybe someone who's not paying your energy. Prices are very low or they're included in something else that you're paying for So I think those folks you know they. They're like okay. I got the electricity side covered. Let me let me take this excess solar that I'm making an turned into Kryptonite like it. I like it. I like how you answer your questions to you know very safe. I appreciate it but yeah no I I just I was thinking you know just a room full of like just like awesome coin minds. You know it's just GonNa look if you guys ever just need to store some coin minds. I've got some extra room. I'm sure you guys are will slip. The crypto Oh with you got you broken let's go let's go. I got plenty of room right anyways. Obviously okay well for man. This has been a really. I've enjoyed this. I've enjoyed the conversation Ashley we're about to. We're about to to see who you really are right and obviously for those who are already. They know what's going on. Yeah quickfire quickfire. And so I was was. I was Tons respect for for pop but I was informed prior to as far as what we know and obviously PA part of the Quin Mind in a team team in some capacity and But he also asks alien question. I'm really mad about that because I was like. Oh this deuce copying me but no no. He's been around longer than me as far as that goes. But I'm still GONNA ask my question and you could tell them a little bit different and I like to I like to. I like to shift it up a little bit. So you'll we'll see as we get a little bit deeper but first question. Is this all right. Humans Scientifically speaking are theorized. have been around for you. Know Two hundred four hundred thousand years in between that right. I mean whether you agree or disagree irrelevant to the actual question but I guess it's it's semi relevant dinosaurs sixty million years ago. Whatever it might be right but this time here that humans have existed? Do you believe evaline have ever visited planet earth. That's a great question another. That isn't quite how to ask. This is this is a different question shoe. In the time period that humans that existed have aliens visited Earth My guess is not to be honest. I'm extremely sorry. Correct answers you don't have to answer. I don't mean to diminish any aliens who may have come here and just sort of you know tossed their existence out the door you know. I think aliens exist for sure. I think that the the math the math of moving around through space at distances of light years and happening to Some some alien species exists at the same time. You know or early enough to before us that when they finally get to some planet where we don't exist they happen to have been here at this It seems like low probability but I but I'm like I'm like ninety nine point nine percent sure there's life elsewhere in the universe. There's actually a post on facebook. I was I was Kinda pondering existence right a while back and this was just like last week. I'm exaggerating a little bit embellishing. Maybe about my thought process but I was sitting. There was was an end up making this a facebook post mealy afterwards but you know I i. I was thinking about how you know the sun. Obviously that's a lot of energy right. I mean the Sun. It's literally just right right next to us. You know I mean eight eight light year eight minutes minutes in light year speed six minutes and let your speed away from us. I mean this might as well be next door neighbor. You know essentially in a really hot deadly. Don't get too close and you'd better have an atmosphere neighbor. But nevertheless it's there and it's producing tons and tons and tons of energy energy that we can't even comprehend. I mean we only see like this much of a ocean ocean full of energy when it comes to Sun and then I started my mind started wondering to there are billions if not trillions of these huge energy urge spots in the in the galaxy and the in the universe and all the way we can see there are so many more stars and there are so few erse right. I mean we only know I know of one true earth that sustains life that actually needs the energy that's coming from you know from the planet or from the Sun that actually gives existence a meaning reason reason and so when you think about it. There's actually more energy way more energy than is ever going to be needed in this tire galaxy entire entire universe. Now maybe maybe just maybe obviously this is far out there aliens of some sort some higher being whether you call it God whether you call it you know. The relief fast asked alien. Spaceship needs a place to refuel their energy. And so maybe the stars are just like gas stations. That idea. That's my straight up which ICARUS here's guide style like that is a unique opinion isn't original. Maybe I watched it on some people. Can we're going to see if you can come pointed out where I wasn't me then I'm fine. You know I'll retract. It was mine but I'm I'm not a huge twitter guy I'd spend too much time I'm a long winded son of a gun right so I need. I need facebook story out all right so moving on the next question favorite movie all time you can choose to if you need to Glenn Glengarry Glen Ross. I'm not familiar with this. Is this something I need to see. It's definitely something you need to see. especially if you're sort of like the if you like movies wolf of Wall Street or the big short it's Al Pacino Kevin Spacey Jack Lemmon Ed Harris. It's the complete all star cast of you know the the ultimate sales monitor gator there've bunch of Lake Sales sales dudes based off a mammoth play So yeah that oh I can dig it dude now. I'll definitely check this out and I do love him. He was like that. I'm actually really embarrassed. I probably should at least know what the movie is. But you know next time I talk. WHOA this conversation? We all right next next next question. Bitcoin is a political party. And it's that generic yes or no. Bitcoin is a political party. Yes it's it's nice and cared expand. I mean I I'm gonNA use a loose definition of political party or a an affiliation Shen That you know has to do with people's view on how society should be structured I think that's a loose definition of political party so I I know you're being you know you're trying to be on the edge of the question you know and and and get some reaction so you know is it. Is it like a actual political party. I don't think of it that way so much but I feel like it fits some of the check boxes of how you define political parties are Yeah I think it does society how to Structure Picture Society of the role of the individual and society the society and the individual and how we should organiz orchestrate all this so I think that's what a lot of political parties are trying to deal with no doubt and I answered by the way and I leave it very open and generic that way because I I do I like to hear how people view that answer right and you get very distinct answers from that. A lot of people say no right because of the concepts and the principles of what they believed. BITCOIN stands for. Maybe they just feel pressure that they have to say no to it but I agree with everything you just said like. There's an ideology geology behind what bitcoin stands for. And you don't necessarily need to be running for president to be able to stand for those things you know and I think that the principles you know that exists within what we are sitting here. I mean clearly if you're in the space and you're this deep you've got to either number one just see it as a cash cow and you're going to get everything you can. Okay get and get out get on your way as fast ask you can but the people who are around who really care who really doing things like we tend regardless of a Republican Democrat. You Know Libertarian anarchists you know Super Progressive Communist. There's some principles that we all have found that. Make sense to US integrate unifier. It's a great unifier and I don't want to divide by saying you can't be in this party hardy the same way that American politics have so I go back and forth on whether or not I could run on the bitcoin political party. I'd do it if if I could you know but does it need to exist. That's I I think you answered it perfectly all right next question and I already gave you. This one also gave him the movie every movie when everybody just want to wait five minutes for someone to think about this again you know but but All right if you had your own show far how or what would be your interest on. It could be any any song any any copyright or trademark issues. Here any song. Wow that's such a tough question really really good question. If I had my zero hold on let me guess I in the club. Joking look average all right now. The official answer clearly right. 'cause it's better than probably my answer. What would I do? Maybe something on you okay. Cool cool I can deal with that. I mean Johnny is a little bit more cerebral than fifty but I mean I guess that's probably cerebral especially musically. The guy's a genius I've been yes. Yes there's no. There's no doubt about that. All right moving on you know the last few are pretty simple But you know obviously far began. I WanNa thank you got coming on a game enemies a lot. I love being able to introduce these types of projects. I think you're doing great great work for the space. I think you're great ambassador in a reason for people to to look at and say hey this there is good things happening right and that's one of my biggest goals when I bring people on it's you know it's it's to highlight and to bring about awareness that there's there are is legitimate production there's real things and not only we are.

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