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G O San Francisco. A Cumulus station. Now on Amazon just tell Alexa to play K G O eight ten the ongoing partial government shutdown sparked a lawsuit. Correspondent Jim Rupe? Tells us the border patrol agents union is suing President Trump customs and border protection agent Albert Vieira working border security in San Diego filed the lawsuit on behalf of the union that represents CB p agents, the national treasury employees union union president Tony ridden. They are fighting mad. They are angry and tells MSNBC that the agents are in the middle of a political fight. They did not create and don't have the authority to resolve the lawsuit alleges the government, withholding paychecks, violates the fair labor standards act and EMS chief, avocado the county fire protection district has been charged with multiple embezzlement and drug charges contra Costa district attorney's office identifies. The chief is fifty year old Richard Stevenson, Kron TV reports Stevenson was arraigned today. The controlled substance charges, specifically concern, his alleged possession of federal and might Zolak. Corporate naming on sports arenas has doubled. Over the past twenty years. Oracle park can San Francisco the latest twenty years ago, forty five big league venues were called by a corporate name today. One hundred and fourteen such deals are in play. The most recent is oracle park packbell park, and may AT and T park. Home of the San Francisco Giants professional baseball club. The deal could be worth three hundred to three hundred fifty million dollars for the giants. The deal came together. Quickly over the holidays and lasts for twenty years. The most valuable naming rights deal for an MLB park is city field worth four hundred million dollars to the New York Mets until twenty twenty eight and for local comparison, the oracle park deal is worth roughly one hundred million dollars more than Levi's stadium over the same period for the forty Niners a hat tip to the sports busy. Journal for doing the math oracle arena in Oakland will be renamed after the warriors split the town for the city. I'm Jason Middleton. And we.

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