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Will also travel to Northern California Monday to meet with state and local officials dealing with massive wildfires that have devastated the area. Crews have been getting a bit of help from cooler temps. Teachers and higher humidity. Fires in California, Oregon and Washington are also affecting air quality. We know that the air quality's really bad across the West upper level winds are beginning to grab this, you could be a haze across most of the country getting very thick and portions of Canada and actually, with the upper level winds. It's going to be thinner, but this smoke is being taken all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. There's folks in Europe who could see hese sunsets, all because of the wildfires across portions of the western United States, Fox meteorologist Adam Cloth Fires have killed more than 20. People on dozens are still missing. In Oregon, the National Hurricane Center says. A tropical depression has strengthened it. A tropical storm Sally, the storm expected to bring heavy rain to the Florida Keys as well. A southern and western parts of the state sadly, is forecast to strengthen over the next couple of days and become a hurricane. By late Monday. Ah parking deck under construction in Atlanta has collapsed for a second time in as many days. One construction worker was injured. America is listening Fox News Moth Nissan Traffic center Well earlier dollies are clearing up on eye for westbound approaching the downtown interchange. So traffic also clearing up in the area of an earlier accident on 2 75 South bound It did have the shoulder block.

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