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A low of thirty four degrees tomorrow cloudy skies and rather chilly with a few sprinkles that we can see a period of some steadier rain towards the south shore in cape tomorrow afternoon and evening the high tomorrow forty four lingering clouds for tomorrow night with a low of thirty six tuesday sunshine will be remain limited with a high of forty five degrees then for wednesday periods of clouds and sunshine high forty seven degrees i'm accuweather meteorologist danielle knittle wbz newsradio 1030 i mean agreeing wbz news a fire and chelsea leaves nearly a dozen people displaced and several having to be rescued when the blaze broke out across the street from the chelsea fire station also in east boston a firefighter was hurt at a burning warehouse fire both blazes are under investigation police say a disgruntled former employee of a rhode island animal care clinic in shelter broke in and stole more than 33 cats in retaliation for losing her job police say a note was left behind saying the cats were taken to relieve stress so far there is no information on the whereabouts or condition of the felines a team of local an fbi investigators were out searching the woods behind the kimbell street housing projects in manchester new hampshire law enforcement confirms they were working on an anonymous tip in connection with a mother who went missing thirty seven years ago in holy oak four homes were destroyed by fire and one man is dead the fire started in a town house in spread to three adjacent townhouses the body found matches the description of a thirty year old man reported missing by his family after the evacuation his name is being withheld about fourteen people have been.

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