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To Sean Hannity Show 809 41, Sean, You want to be a part of the program. Um, nobody impresses me more with their knowledge of our founders or framers our Constitution than the great one. Mark Levin. He has written numerous bestseller, I think 67 now number one New York Times bestselling books. This is this is destined. It will be the next number one New York Times bestseller maybe is most important book. Although Liberty and tyranny was a phenomenal book market, written in in one of his books that we now live in a post constitutional America when To talk about. We have a dual justice system. We don't no longer have equal justice. Equal application of our laws. Well, that's a post constitutional America. That's not the way the system was designed. But in his brand new book, This is just out. It's called American Marxism. Mark does a lot of things in this book. He he captures and defines the moment we are now living in and how frankly dangerous it is to this Great republic. I mean, there's no doubt that That these elections coming up in November 2022 November 2024, which it's kinda do or die. I mean, America's got to reverse course, as as bad as I knew Biden and the new green deal Radical Socialists would be and I never thought it would be this bad. I never thought we would see a president. This cognitively compromised. All these promises false promises false hope that will never be fulfilled, You know by by new Green Deal socialists, we know it's not going to happen, but Not only does it define the time that we live in, it also gives a plan of action. So many of you so often asked me. Well, what can I do? What? Hannity. What do we do? And I've given you a three point plan. And 17 States now are actively looking to implement election reform. So some of the things that we saw all the way back in 2000 in Florida, 2016 in Florida 2020 around the country can never happen again. And first, that means you have To get in touch with state senators and assembly, mint and legislators and and make sure that we have integrity in our election process confidence in our election results. The next thing is this will right itself. The failures again of of flirting with new green deal, Socialism, the.

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