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Inspectors off the job CBS news. Correspondent Kris van cleave is worried about the staffing. They think there could be a tipping point moment where folks just have to pay their bills and start looking elsewhere. They've seen sick calls rise. Yeah. They're they're about about fifty percent are however still ninety five percent of the workforce is out there as scheduled working for free as they have been for weeks. Miami International Airport is closed one of its concourses through Monday to make sure TSA can staff the remaining security checkpoints. The New York Times is reporting the FBI investigated, President Trump to see if he was working with Russia after the firing of former FBI director, James Colman. Julia Manchester, a reporter with the hill. She says that story has prompted a new round of angry tweets from Mr. Trump, this is incredibly serious. And I think the president is really doing what he does best with his base of really trying to communicate with that telling them. No, it's bogus. This isn't true. And this is his way of communicating with them, essentially the times says the FBI investigation was folded into the broader pro by special counsel. Robert Muller space x is laying off ten percent of its roughly six thousand workers saying it needs to get leaner. So it can succeed in enormous projects such as creating an interplanetary spacecraft. Los Angeles Times reports the cops were announced in an Email to employees the Hawthorne, California based company in a statement. Elon Musk's firm says it needs to trim costs in order to take on more ambitious projects that..

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