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Liam shell is not literate which means lee michelle can read that's what if you're like why do i need to know what i need to know this so shadow to our friends at the one more thing podcast jane robert who cooked up this delicious conspiracy theory over a year ago on facebook and eat it is a forty minute journey through all the reasons why lee michelle ease a literate can't read etcetera it's less of like a mean journey than it is like a more absurdist journey and how kind of showing how deep you can get into a conspiracy theory as little and frivolous and obviously untrue as liam machel can't read it began with the passage in naira rivera's memoir where she says that liam shell gets really mad when she has to go off book the implication being she memorize them because ryan murphy drills the lines into her brain and so any book she gets really nervous because she memorized everything she can't read right and they took that like assertion to the next twelve thousand steps by finding clips of her kind of being slightly behind everyone says she can't read the it's really good instagram photos words like loving words a little too much if you know what i mean like she's like little like her love for worth little suss part memoir it's how it's recipes style inspirations all of that how did you come up with the concept well i feel like i have a you know a little bit of a unique story and i wanted to share that with my fans i learned a lot about you know believing in myself and not listening to other people that's really helped me get to where i am today and i always get asked lots of questions about tips on beauty fashions i've put it all in one book and you know i was home schooled a lot so i'm not the greatest speller typer.

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