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News traffic and weather this is news radio WFLA Tampa and W. X. T. B. H. D. to clear water a person is dead after being shot in a hookah lounge the Sarasota county sheriff's office says deputies responded to a shots fired call before four AM Saturday at Big Boy who come on north Washington Boulevard the victim was found dead at the scene so far there's no word whether any suspects have been arrested in the case meanwhile police in Orlando say a child and three adults are expected to recover from injuries they suffered in the shooting incidents the shooting happened at the wins or cove apartments when a five year old girl and two adults were hospitalized officers have arrested twenty two year old Reginald prince who faces several charges including attempted second degree murder and governor Ron DeSantis one students back in classrooms this fall his lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says he has left the decision to local districts from my perspective as a parent and as a policy maker there is no better format for our students tend to be in front of a great and effective teacher she acknowledges the challenges teachers will face as they try to bridge the learning gap that teaching remotely can cause and today on president trump's birthday supporters are organizing events around the state to celebrate and to recruit new voters are made here number one and Michigan exactly where as many people as we possibly can any Delgado is the president of trump team twenty twenty Florida and a strong storm system is the cause of damages in the Naples area the storms raged in southwest Florida communities on Saturday causing flooding and.

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