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Kids are call backs attractor. You don't wanna miss it? So get this in the midst of the weirdness that was my weekend with this found pit bull puppy. She's like sixty seventy pounds. I'm guessing almost a year old. So I'm dealing with her. She's a little while. But she's cool. And then I got other stuff to do around the house of sterling. I'm talking to a bunny. Money's texted me. He's like, man. What you don't you you, girl and Valentine's gonna come over? I'm like, I haven't got anything real committed for Valentine's. I don't think. No. Because once you do. Hey, let's do valentines stuff you're serious. You're in involved for life too difficult. It's deep and he goes, okay, fine. He goes what if he his wife, and he apparently he's like we were thinking about ignoring it. If we don't do it this year, and he sounded scared when we're talking he's like it'll be the second year in a row because he goes, I don't think I can really get away with that. And I said, well whose idea was that he goes hers. I said that sounds like a trap from all get out. He's like, yeah. We were gonna blow off the whole Valentine's thing. But if you guys go then and I'm like, I don't have a commitment thing. And I'm not doing that. And he's like, well, we just blow it off, and you can hang out and act like it's Valentine's I said if I do anything on Valentine's with a woman on Valentine's, I'm in a world is focused. She's she's gonna focus, it's Valentine's. So here's my question. One am I wrong because just casually? All of a sudden, Valentine's you're doing something this fairly serious. Right. Even though in my opinion, a hallmark holiday. And I know that the study that came out that we talked about last week a little bit was that apparently men expect women to spend more money on them for Valentine's Day than women. I don't know who those dudes are. I don't think I know any of them. I've never been that guy. But apparently they're out to respond to a study. Maybe they only went to answer the damn phone the answer the question perhaps. But do you by my friends idea that hey, she said we should just blow off Valentine's Day and forget about a discount as another day. It's no big deal. I think that's like her going. Hey, one step in this quicksand. I re I mean seriously. It's like, hey want to go play in traffic on seventy one. See if you make it across like frogger. Unlike don't play that. And I don't wanna get involved. I don't want to be part of that with a committed girl or not a committed girl. I I'd like to be there just to watch it and see how it plays out for them. But I don't wanna be up closer to close to that situation..

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