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Insights provided by ibm watson. Sign up now. Espn dot com slash. Fantasy football maverick. Cervi blossomed since leaving snow today against shell saint romeo kaku making his first thoughts. In making that big money move back to stamford bridge back to chelsea from inter and of course shocking written in the stars one of course on this is just we too easy you got touch tight for lukaku and he just bullies you. I easy tap-in nice ball across those firm reese chains. He'll get on the school. She himself with ten minutes to go in the first half mount into the englishman. Brilliant likud as well. Just let the ball run across him into mount from the regime's from tastic. Finish often ferry letter claims penalty here. Maybe as a james brings down soccer for me. I think it was sucker goes john. He shouldn't. He felt strongly about bolted. I didn't and then thirteen minutes ago. It looked like mkaku is second leno though in a great sesser wonderful save. It really is probably the only person who has anything to be proud of. All on the leno that onto the crossbar. So that's two wins out to chelsea two defeats of to. Meanwhile sinus joins us now. Frank would he say for much. This game is kind of men against boys. Well that.

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