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The democrat Minnesota Representative is facing a probe into her campaign spending after complaints that she misused contributions for personal use the campaign finance board. Minnesota's investigating her after the Republican after Minnesota Republican state rep Steve address Ascii file to complaints saying she spent thousands in campaign funds for personal use. When she served in the Minnesota state legislature. Some of the improper expenditures include payments to her divorce attorney and spending on travel to Boston and Estonia. Oh, good grief. That's that's very. I'm not surprised. Russia's military mission creep advances to a new front in Africa. Apparently summoned defends are getting very nervous about how Russia's expanding out to a new to new areas in central African I in working with the even working with Central African Republic's armed forces a members of trained with Russian consultants is a part of their growing influence across Africa. Very we're gonna I'm gonna ask Steven Yates about that coming up max because they're expanding and it's making some people a little little bit nervous. Of course, this is from San Francisco gate. You manage this his bosses flatulence was a form of bullying and assuming for one point two million dollars. Yeah. Fifty six year old David Hanks's, a former employee at construction engineering, and he sued the firm for bullying in two thousand seventeen Saint his supervisor Greg short is accusing him of being a serial offender who thrusted his bum twelfth at him. And the this is an Australia. According to their press, he seeking damages of one point two million dollars. And he said that he would come in and in a bullying bullying manner pass gas at him. Okay. Now, they actually have to define that. Which is very interesting. The Washington Examiner reports how NASA. Was revealing that there is they discovered a new planet and a whole host of stars that actually could support life the trans this the transiting exoplanet survey satellite began last April and ASA says that they've already made some exciting discoveries. Scientists working with the program say they discovered a new planet about the size of Saturn. It rotates around host started close distance. So it's very high temperatures on the planet. But they say they have a catalog of stars more than eighteen hundred which might be prospects for supporting life. Some of them are slightly larger than earth, and they might exist in the habitable zone of the star. They say that there's a subset about four hundred and eight stars at might support planets about the size of earth and have comparable levels of radiation. Interesting. We have a lot more coming up. Steven Yates joining us. Stay tuned. Are you losing sleep from having to fix your fitted sheets that aren't so fitted anymore,.

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